You know how it’s said that us women should never dress for your man? Well, while this is true most of the time, there comes the one time each year that we should perhaps compromise a little and leave the man- repelling harem pants at home and go for something more his style.

Think an outfit where you both will look like a couple, without resorting to those utterly cheesy matching t-shirts.

This one and only time in the year is Valentine’s Day, where looking less than spectacular is simply not an option.

We all know however, that this is easier said than done, so with that in mind, we’ve come up with four most common types of men you’re likely to date, and what you should wear to suit them.

Remember, your goal for Valentine’s Day is to knock his socks off. Good luck!

1)      The Guy-Next-Door

If you’re going out with one of these, expect your date to be a relatively no-frills and relaxed one. Dress to suit the occasion in something casual but still feminine, so you’ll look oh-so-pretty without being too intimidating.

What to Wear on VDay: The Guy Next Door

Clockwise from top: By Invite Only gold multi-layered citrine necklace, $270,, Buttercup dress, $198,, Rolo buckle satchel from New Look, Floral peep-toe pumps from New Look, Neon orange watch from ASOS, Neon and rhinestone bangle from ASOS

2)      The Rocker

Most girls dream of dating a rocker who exudes that bad-boy charm. So whether he is a bassist in a band or simply a music-lover, you know you’re in for a music-filled night, be it a rock concert or drinks at a pub with a live band. Leave your frothy dresses at home and go for something edgier, you know this way you’ll fit right in.

What to wear on VDay: The Rocker

Clockwise from top: Biker leather vest from H&M, Printed maxi skirt from Miss Selfridge, White tank top from H&M, By Invite Only quartz bracelet, $170,, Buckle leather boots from Topshop, Triangle purse from ASOS

3)      The Big Spender

Lucky you. If you’re seeing a lavish spender, it is amost a certainty that he will bring you on the most extravagant date you’ll ever have. Think perhaps champagne, private limo and the works. Make sure you’re all-glammed up for your date so you won’t look underdressed when you’re one table away from botoxed socialites.

What to wear on VDay: The Big Spender

Clockwise from top: Jubilee crystal studs, $130, Mimco, Futurama hardcase clutch, $320, Mimco, Sequinned peeptoe pumps from N°21, Chanel Chance perfume, Black embellished dress, $189, Monsoon

4)      The Hipster

If your date is a hipster, he’ll probably take you on a culture-fuelled journey involving books, art and film, or maybe all three. Be prepared for wherever he might take you by being comfortable yet stylish; you never know who you’ll meet. The best way to do so is to abandon the heels and slip into some classy flats, a la Audrey Hepburn.

What to wear on VDay: The Hipster

Clockwise from top: Navy striped lingerie set from Topshop, Knitted lace pointelle crop top from Topshop, Pink fabric necklace from alldressedup, Gentle Souls Gigi cheetah ballet flats, $489, Her Glass Slipper, Oak Alexa bag from Mulberry