Image: Showbit

Clothes make the man, especially more so when you are posing for a photo. In our endless quest to look photogenic, we’ve realised that the clothes you wear play a pivotal role in making you look good in pictures, especially those wretched group photos. 

Sure, you’ve mastered the perfect cat eyeliner flick and got your foundation match to a T, but don’t neglect your clothes. The truth is, there really are certain clothes that can make you look more photogenic. 

So before you start ramping up your wardrobes for the festive season, read on to find out what you should be buying more of and what you should be avoiding. These simple pointers will help you look amazing in photos. Now you don’t have to watch the tagged photos page like a hawk! 

1. Clean solid colours 
Contrary to popular belief, black is not the best bet for a great photo. While it has a slimming effect, black tends to hide details, making it more difficult for the eye to assess the situation, causing you to fade into the background. Opt for other dark hues like navy or grey. However, if you are thin and would like to stand out more, try bright hues like yellow, mint or pale pink. 

2. Complementary colours
With that being said, you should choose similar tones for your top and bottom so that one doesn’t look bigger than the other. For example, if you pair a white blouse together with a pair of black pants, your top will look bigger. And if you switch the colours, your bottom will look heavier. 

3. Accessories 
Jewellery, belts or anything with hardware can help to add points of interest your outfit. However, keep these accessories minimal so that they don’t come across as distracting and messy. 

4. Bold prints 
If you are going to be wearing print, make it a bold statement-making one. They are always realised in wide strokes and strong colours so they work better on camera. Small-scale stripes and tiny micro-prints can come across as visually busy, so they don’t reproduce well in photos. 

5. Open necklines
If you are heading out for the evening, ditch the turtlenecks so that you don’t risk the “floating head” effect it can give. Also, most people look best when they show a bit of their decollete. If you want to look slimmer, avoid polo necks, crew necks and high pussy bow necks. The most flattering necklines are V-necks and scoop necks. 

6. Heels 
Sorry ladies! I know I’ve been preaching a lot about how comfortable sneakers and low heels are taking over the world but the truth is, only heels can truly give you the best lengthening effect. If you don’t do well in heels, you can try wearing platforms.