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We all have a list of fashion “pet peeves” that make us cringe, but to me, the biggest fashion faux pas one can commit is not dressing right for your body shape. 

In the crazy world of fashion, there are so many trends and styles vying for our attention every day, but at the end of the day, it’s important that we understand our body shape to select pieces that flatters us the most. When you dress in a way that makes your body look its best, you will feel comfortable and your confidence will shine. 

We’ve covered the most flattering type of denim, best type of shorts, picking the correct type of bra and even conquered the super challenging swimwear.

So today, we’re going to work on your favourite wardrobe staple: Dresses. Who isn’t a dress kind of girl, right? Dresses make you feel pretty, feminine and the best part? They’re so easy to wear. 

Find out what is the ideal type of frock that will that will work wonders for you and make your body look its best here!

 1. Rectangle
You have very proportionate hip and bust areas with a waist that isn’t that defined. They key to dressing for your body type is bringing in your waist to create the illusion of an hourglass figure, so look out for dresses that are belted or cinched at the waist. You also have plenty of leeway with volume-increasing details like peplum, ruffles or embellishment.

We recommend: Rayon peplum dress, $209 from Collate The Label

2. Inverted triangle
You have a proportionally larger upper body and have hips narrower than your shoulders. You are also more likely to have an ample bust, a subtly defined waist, and a wide back. You need something that can balance out your broad shoulders.

Keep the top half of the dress free of cumbersome details and go for a scoop or V-necklines. For the best slimming effect, the dress should be nipped at the waist and flare out when it hits the hips. 

We recommend: Viscose tie-dye dress, $109 from Zara

3. Triangle 
The triangle shape is defined as having shoulders narrower than the widest part of your hip. You should aim to balance out your proportions by accentuating your upper body.

Choose a dress with a form-fitting fit and a flared silhouette to bring attention to your small waist and slim body, while de-emphasising and directing eyes away from your fuller hip and thighs. 

We recommend: Nylon strappy midi skater dress, $60.03 from ASOS

4. Hourglass 
Everyone’s favourite combination shape. Your bust and hips are well balanced and you have a beautifully defined waist.

If it makes it any easier, you can think of your top half as an inverted triangle, and the bottom half as an upright triangle. You should bring attention to your curvy waist with a dress that belts or ties right in the middle.

We recommend: Viscose midi dress, $115.77 from ASOS