Chinese New Year is fast approaching, (wow, where did all the time go?!) and I am sure many of you have already gotten your lucky colours sorted out! The tradition to wear lucky colours came from a feng shui theory, and its believed that wearing your lucky colours can bring you all manner of luck and success. 

We’ve already made some recommendations for makeup you can buy and manicure styles, so now it’s time to see how you can incorporate them into your everyday life. Here are 4 easy ways on how you can keep your lucky colours close to you, all the time! 


18-karat gold bar bracelet, $665 from Net-A-Porter

1. Jewellery
If you are born in the Year of the Dragon, Pig, Rooster your lucky colour is gold. It’s really easy to find gold tones jewellery! Try dainty jewellery pieces (delicate jewellery is all the rage now) so you can keep them on you all the time. 

Ivory marble iPhone 6s case, $57 from Casetify 

2. Phone cases
If you are born in the year of the Monkey and Dragon, white is your lucky colour. It’s the digital age and for many of us, the handphone is almost like an extension to our body. I am not saying that that’s a habit that we should keep, but while we are at it, dress it up with our lucky colour! It might bring us some good luck. 

Weekday laura bra set, $52.91 from ASOS 

3. Undergarments 
If you are born in the Year of the Ox, Rat and Horse, your lucky colour is green. Green lingerie is refreshing yet still sexy. You can go for this matching lingerie set in a rich emerald shade. 

Lambskin wallet, $1,570 from Chanel 

4. Leather goods
If you are born in the year of Monkey, Tiger, Rat your lucky colour is blue. So shopaholics, time to rejoic! This is the perfect excuse for you to shop. A wallet is an essential that you tote around everyday, so invest in one that will last! 

Liese creamy bubble color in maple red, $16.90 

5. Hair 
If you are born in the Year of the Snake, Goat, Dog and Rabbit, your lucky colour is red. Instead of sticking to your usual hair makeovers, why not do something radical this year and dye your locks red. You might just get an auspicious start to the New Year!