When Korean celebs are “in love” and have publicly announced their relationship status – oh, and had their respective agencies confirm (or deny) the new relationship – the stars become super hot for not only their fans, but naturally enough, the paparazzi too.

What Gain and Taeyeon are wearing now they both have boyfriends DECOR 1

Singers Gain from Brown-Eyed Girls and Taeyeon from Girl’s Generation are just about the most photographed celebs right now thanks to their recently revealed relationships – Gain’s with Joo Ji Hoon and Taeyeon’s with EXO member Baekhyun (absolutely shocking apparently since EXO is still considered to be a “rookie” group and therefore should be humbly not having relationships in order to concentrate fully on being nice to their fans).

So, have the two girls been spotted looking more stylish than usual? Are they looking sexier? Well, according to K-Pop pundits, they are indeed looking a bit more spectacular …


What Gain and Taeyeon are wearing now they both have boyfriends GAIN

Gain and actor Joo Ji Hoon recently became a couple after being friends for eight years. As both stars are known to have “unique taste” in fashion, the two are always pretty flash in public. A few days ago, Gain was seen at the VIP premiere of new film Good Friends since her new boyfriend starred in it.

For the premiere, Gain showed up in simple printed shirt and short denim shorts. She carried a pink crossbody bag as her “point” item (this is how K-Pop stars spice up a plain outfit apparently). Wearing short shorts like Gain is apparently an “excellent date look in summer” for Koreans (especially if their legs are as great as Gain’s). It is a basic item yet can be easily matched with a snapback cap, bangles or cool bag.


What Gain and Taeyeon are wearing now they both have boyfriends TAEYEON

What you wear to the airport when you’re a K-Pop star is very important (you can read more about it here: Girls’ Generation’s on-trend Autumn Winter 2013 ‘airport style’). The love story of Taeyeon and Baekhyun has become more of an issue than other celeb couples since both of them are idol stars, so their fans are paying more attention to what they’re wearing and where they’re going.

Taeyeon is generally known for feminine or cute airport looks and her recent outfit for a trip to Japan stayed true to her style. Wearing a pair of white short shorts (again, if you’ve got the legs … ) and a blue and white printed shirt she showed her trademark collegiate style.

So, it appears that if you’ve a K-Pop star and you’re in a relationship with another K-Pop star then you aren’t allowed to take advantage of the old “now I’ve got him I don’t have to bother anymore” style of dressing …