Hi, my name is Joyce, and I’m a shoe addict.

But I’d like to think of it more as an "occupational hazard". But no matter – a girl can never have too many shoes! A great pair of shoes completes the look; it is an affirmation of your signature style. And since my colleague, Lydia, hates slippers with a passion, I’m here to suggest an alternative: Wedges.

Wedges, wedges, wedges!  I’m mad about them at the moment. For days when you want leggier legs, wedges are a godsend. They offer the same boost in height but better support.They could be espadrilles (with a cord-lined base) like this pair (below far left) from Miu Miu, leather strappy types or even with mixed material! Pick the peep toe as opposed to a fully-covered pump type wedge. It’s cheeky and more fun, something different from the staid covered wedge; toes get a little more wiggle room plus the peep toe is perfect for our tropical climate. Of course, remember that peep toes need you to book regular pedicure appointments. Nothing ruins the look more than gritty toenails peeking from the most stunning wedge. 

(From left): Espadrilles from Miu Miu, leather strappy wedges from Diane Von Furstenberg, suede and wood wedge from Chloe. Photos courtesy of net-a-porter.com