Timepieces have been and always will be, a stamp of your personal style and a mark of your individuality. For those who love to show off a watch that portrays who they are as a person – there’s Swatch. Swatch takes the potentially mundane traditional wristwatch and propels it into a world of fun, colour, self-expression and, quite frankly, a cool wrist accessory in itself (who needs bangles anyway?).



For S/S ‘18, Swatch ramped up their desire to help you express yourselves, with four ranges: Mediterranean Views; Swatch Vibe and Glow Vibe; Time to Swatch; and Irony collections. Spring and summer are the seasons to be outdoors, so Swatch have taken their inspiration from the garden to the streets and to the beach too. Their ethos this spring is to be energetic, vivacious and to live in the moment.



If that wasn’t enough, they also released their brand new SKIN Irony collection which focuses on minimalist styling – a key trend for ‘18. The Swatch SKIN Irony collection comes with eight brand new models, featuring meticulously brushed and polished stainless steel wrapped in vintage-feeling metal. At just 5.8 mm high, Swatch has created the first metallic version of its slimmest watch line and stripped back the graphics and bold colours with this range to opt for a cleaner, more contemporary feel.



For fall ‘18, however, it’s an opposite story. Vibrancy returns in full force with this electric range. Making the most of both the dial and strap space, Swatch has done what Swatch does best and created timepieces that are alluring, interesting, conversation starters and brimming with personality. They’ve even collaborated with prestigious art museum Rijksmuseum to create watches that showcase historical art in their graphics. They’re part of the ‘Worldhood’ range of the fall ‘18 collection. There’s sure to be one that suits who you are.



With all of these ranges out now and a whole host of choices per category, fear not – we’ve got our HW hot favourites from each range detailed below. Take some time (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) and read on..


Swatch ’18 fashion editor picks:

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