Ah, there’s nothing quite like Tiffany & Co. Its trademarked Tiffany Blue Box crowned with a soft white ribbon speaks of old Hollywood elegance and whimsy, of brimming hope and timeless grace. Arguably one of the world’s most renowned jewellery brands, its box (and its iconic colour) is almost as coveted as what is nestled within.

Now that we’re almost at the end of the year, we’re entitled to live a little right? After all, what’s the point of saving all year if we can’t treat ourselves to something extra special? So for those who wish to splurge a little and reward themselves, we’ve rounded up 7 accouterments from Tiffany & Co. that you could, and should, purchase. Frankly? We want them too.


A ring from the Paper Flowers collection

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Flowers too, we think. So the brand’s new chief artistic officer, Reed Krakoff, got it just right when he blended the best of both worlds together for his first collection for Tiffany since he assumed his role. The Paper Flowers collection, inspired by the idea of flower petals cut from paper and pinned together, is a playful and vibrant series specifically targeted at a younger audience. For us, we had to pick this Diamond and Tanzanite Open Flower ring which exudes both femininity and modernity. Time to give your boyfriend a nudge for an early Christmas present.

Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond and Tanzanite Open Flower ring, US$9,500 (S$13,063)


The Tiffany Keys collection

Inspired by vintage keys — some as old as from the 1880s — the Tiffany’s Keys collection are exquisitely crafted and pretty as a picture. Different motifs adorn the keys, from fleur-de-lis (a three petal stylized lily and a symbol of royalty) to trefoil and kaleidoscope. But the crowd favourite has got to be the crown key — elegant and simple, it symbolises optimism and hope.

Crown Key Pendant, US$2,450 (S$3,328)


A chain bracelet

Falling under Tiffany’s HardWear collection, this bracelet is a modern update to their archival design circa 1971. Bold in its design, it adds an edgy glamour to any outfit, even if it’s just a simple t-shirt and denim jeans combo or a light sundress. The star factor doesn’t hurt either –Lady Gaga was the face of Tiffany’s HardWear campaign in 2017, and she was styled by the legendary Vogue veteran Grace Coddington.

Wrap Bracelet, US$6,700 (S$9,102)


A Tiffany T bracelet

Featuring the first letter of its name, the Tiffany T collection is fresh, modern and clean. Pick from an array of strong, statement pieces that mainly incorporate the bending and reconstructing of the letter T. The bracelets are a must have — minimalist and elegant, they go well with almost everything in your closet.

Square bracelet, US$5,300 (S$7,200)


Diamond earrings

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this set of solitaire studs — it’s classic, timeless and never goes out of style. Too simple? We don’t think so.

Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Earrings, US$1,200 (S$1,630)


A simple necklace

If you’re just looking for something simple yet enduring enough to wear forever; opt for this Return to Tiffany heart pendant necklace. First introduced in 1969 and drawing inspiration from the brand’s iconic key ring, it has a playful and youthful vibe, which will add a little spunk to a simple shirt-pants work outfit.

Heart Tag Pendant, US$200 (S$212)


Something in Tiffany Blue

Hey, if you can’t bear to splash out on a Tiffany bauble but still long to indulge in something blue, here’s the next best thing: A jewellery case in its Tiffany Blue hue. Made of smooth calfskin leather with custom metal hardware, it’s a great piece to store all your fine jewellery in style.

Rectangle jewellery case, US$475 (S$645)