Swarovski kicks off the spring season with fresh and exciting new designs. The new collection, titled “Rainbow Paradise”, boasts of a lively colour palette: rainbows, soft pinks, yellow gold and rose gold. Dainty springtime motifs such as butterflies, orchids and floral origami come alive through versatile long necklaces, chokers and drop earrings alike.



Creative Director Nathalie Colin explains: “The new collection for SS18 is all about color, and how color can trigger emotions and evoke moods.  We find the most beautiful and stunning colors in nature, and it has always been an important source of inspiration for the brand and myself. For spring, an array of feminine pinks and purples come to life like the flutter of butterfly wings – perfect inspiration for both delicate and more contemporary jewelry.”



There are two key ranges to keep an eye out for: The Light Orchid family —a range of jewellery with orchid motifs, as its name suggests — and the highly romantic Lilia family of butterfly-themed jewellery with exquisite rose gold plating.



On-trend silhouettes such as asymmetrical earrings, Y necklaces, and stackable rings are seen throughout the entire collection, rendering it relevant to a wide variety of looks and occasions for spring.

With a wide spread of vivid, colourful and feminine pieces, the Rainbow Paradise collection is not only super pretty but versatile at that. Besides, is there really a better way to celebrate the season other than indulging in a sparkling new set of jewellery? We think not.