Poh Heng’s Si Dian Jin gives bridal jewellery a modern twist

by Ruth Chew  /   October 27, 2021

Keep the traditions alive with a contemporary take on this jewellery set

A long-cherished tradition, the gift of Si Dian Jin or 四点金 (translated as “Four Touches of Gold”) is both symbolic and beautiful for the Chinese bride. It is a betrothal present from the groom’s family to the bride to welcome her into their family. Si Dian Jin consists of a necklace, a bangle or bracelet, a ring and a pair of earrings. Its motifs feature Chinese symbols such as the dragon and phoenix, flowers, double happiness and auspicious animals.

Each Si Dian Jin bestows different meanings and blessings: the earrings symbolise the union of two families and the harmony between the bride and her mother-in-law. The necklace is an auspicious representation of the journey of love and happiness between husband and wife. The bracelet or bangle stands for a connection between two hearts and the hope of newlyweds living rich and fulfilling lives together. The gold ring signifies a love bond.

The gold pieces show the groom’s commitment to his bride, assuring her that she will always be well taken care of. Traditionally, Si Dian Jin is a family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next.

Making Si Dian Jin your own

poh heng si dian jin
Credit: Poh Heng

Today’s brides will give their Si Dian Jin a modern take. Because of their significance as part of the wedding journey, it’s vital that the bride be involved in the selection process, considering the family’s budget and the bride’s personal style.

While Si Dian Jin is a part of the journey to marriage, what it represents is more important: a loving union and a lifetime of blissful matrimony. And the jewellery pieces should be worn beyond the wedding, not just to be kept in the safe!

When looking at Si Dian Jin, consider your daily style and also how the different motifs and gold will work for your skin tone, your dress and most of all, your comfort level. You may want to wear these items together in parts or simply add one piece to your outfit every day.

Look for the set which holds the most meaning for you. Bear in mind you’ll be wearing these pieces for the long term. So, if you prefer to mix and match, be sure to find pieces that easily fuse into your daily style – at work, or at play, long after the wedding.

Poh Heng’s Si Dian Jin – timeless, yet versatile

poh heng si dian jin
Credit: Poh Heng

Poh Heng, one of Singapore’s most established jewellers, marries emblematic Chinese symbols of love and happiness into its Si Dian Jin collection. The brand has over 70 years of jewellery artisanship in Singapore and is the country’s leading jeweller, specialising in 22k jewellery.

Its Si Dian Jin range is made from 22k and 24k gold traditional designs, and features current trends with diamonds, or stylish two-toned designs with both yellow and white gold. You can choose from the jeweller’s wide range, putting together your dream Si Dian Jin in every budget and style.

What’s more, Poh Heng’s sophisticated designs have been certified by the Singapore Assay Office (SAO) – meaning, the purity of gold has met the SAO’s strict certification standards.

At Poh Heng, you’ll be wowed at the auspicious symbols of Chinese traditions preserved tastefully in their new Si Dian Jin range, featuring Dragon Phoenix, Double Happiness Heart, and Mandarin Ducks.

A promising beginning to your life together begins with the perfect pairing of 22k jewellery, incidentally, with the number two as well. Pairs in Chinese traditions have been regarded as lucky symbols and when used in matrimonial settings, they represent wishes for joy and happiness, with twice the good fortune for the couple.

The ultimate expression of lifelong love, commitment and coupling

poh heng si dian jin hair pin
Credit: Poh Heng

Mandarin Ducks Hairpin

In ancient times, the hairpin was figurative of a girl coming of age. Hair was considered a true prize – and a tribute to her parents, and a sign of a woman’s beauty. The hairpin was symbolic – both to hold up her crowning glory, and the sign that the girl had become a woman – ready to be married.

The hairpin is regarded as a love token, taking a lesson from rich Chinese history. When engaged, a young woman will give her future husband the hairpin as a sign of her affection. After their wedding, the groom in turn, returns his wife the hairpin, placing it back in her hair as a sign of devotion.

If couples are separated from long periods of time, the hairpin is also used to remind each other of their love.

It is this beautiful exchange of love that makes this Mandarin Ducks Hairpin a key piece in Poh Heng’s new Si Dian Jin series.

Find out more about the Poh Heng Mandarin Ducks Hairpin here

The auspicious symbols

dragon phoenix bangle
Credit: Poh Heng

Dragon Phoenix Bangle

The dragon and phoenix are a pair of mythical Chinese animals which signify a match made in heaven and balanced harmony to withstand the test of time. Historically, the pair refer to royalty and the balance of yin (for the female and represented by the Phoenix) and yang (for the male, represented by the Dragon) forces. The coupling of the two also bestows prosperity and fertility on the newlyweds for their children to come.

Find out more about the Dragon Phoenix Bangle here

poh heng si dian jin
Credit: Poh Heng

Double Happiness Heart Necklace

Make a statement with Poh Heng’s Double Happiness Heart Necklace to match your Kua or light up any outfit’s sweet neckline with a double chain necklace bearing the iconic 双喜 intricately inlaid on a pendant.

A symbol of idyllic matrimonial bliss, the Double Happiness range is said to bring joy to each couple. In Chinese tradition, Double Happiness denotes luck, contentment and fulfilment together. To usher blessings for the newlyweds, different symbols of Double Happiness decorations will be put in the couple’s new home, their rooms and even utensils like chopsticks and drinkware.

Poh Heng’s Double Happiness collection brings about balance, good flow of energy and everlasting love between the newlyweds.

Find out more about the Double Happiness Heart Necklace here

Mandarin Ducks Drops Earrrings
Credit: Poh Heng

Mandarin Ducks Drops Earrrings

Bring your love with you everywhere, with these Mandarin Ducks Drops Earrings. The ducks represent everlasting love, and are given the modern twist with its drop pendant styles.

These lucky ducks represent lifelong devotion and commitment to each other. In Chinese culture, good things often come in pairs, and a pair of Mandarin ducks symbolise luck and steadfast loyalty. Feng Shui experts also prescribe creating space for Mandarin Ducks in the newlyweds’ home to fortify their love.

Find out more about the Mandarin Ducks Drops Earrings here

How to style your Si Dian Jin after the wedding

poh heng bangle si dian jin
Credit: Poh Heng

More is more

Pair your favourite piece to accent your grandest outfits during big occasions – especially when meeting the rest of the family during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Pro tip: Make a statement with this intricate Dragon Phoenix bangle that symbolises a harmonious union.

ph heng bangle si dian jin
Credit: Poh Heng

Simple and chic

Let your style speak for itself with one or two statement pieces against a bold coloured outfit of black, white, navy or even red.

Pro tip: This unique Mandarin Ducks Bangle holds a pendant between its two gold curves and is effortless for any occasion, yet rich in its meaning.

poh heng si dian jin rings
Credit: Poh Heng

Mix things up

Don’t be afraid to mix your golds and even the different gemstones together. It gives dimension to the outfit and adds texture to the overall look.

Pro tip: Stack your rings together, including this Double Happiness Heart Ring, to form a tall stack, with the thickest at the base. Or simply wear rings across your fingers to show the different golds

More about Poh Heng’s Si Dian Jin collection

poh heng si dian jin
Credit: Poh Heng

The brand’s new exclusive Si Dian Jin series in 22k gold brings together style and preserves tradition for the modern-day bride as she starts her love journey with her groom.

Si Dian Jin collection is available online here and in stores located islandwide. Find out more at www.pohheng.com.sg.

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