A Journey of Trust photo exhibition

Local jeweller Poh Heng celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and to mark this key milestone in a very special way, the brand launched a photo exhibition that’s open to the public. 

“A Journey of Trust” features photographs taken by celebrated Singaporean photographer Lenne Chai. 

It captures local personalities and people, pictured with significant others in their lives, displaying how their relationship with one another embodies the most important value that Poh Heng stands for: Trust.

Poh Heng celebrates 70 years of Trust

To have some fun, the brand threw an anniversary party last week at Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) Gallery where attendees like the media, celebrities, brand loyalists and key industry influencers were present. The event was hosted by TV presenter-chef-restaurateur Angela May. 

The hallmark photo exhibition also debuted at the event. The exhibition is currently on public display by Poh Heng’s boutique at Orchard Shopping Centre, from now until July 29, 2018. 

Poh Heng celebrates 70 years of Trust

Other than that, Poh Heng also unveiled its 70th Anniversary Signature Collection – The Odyssey and The Voyage. 

The brand’s Anniversary Commemorative Collection, which was released back in March, was also on display. 

Both The Odyssey and The Voyage will only be available this month.

The Odyssey

The dazzling combination of exquisite 18K yellow gold and brilliant diamonds in an intricate floral motif demonstrates beauty, purity, grace, and an enduring elegance.

Poh Heng celebrates 70 years of Trust

L to R: Pendant $27,000, Earrings $37,000, Bangle $57,000, Ring $17,000, Necklace $370,000

The Voyage

The Voyage marries the intensity of 18K yellow gold and the elegance of 18K white gold, encrusted with  brilliant diamonds and celestial blue sapphires, two of the world’s most desirable gemstones. Key to this collection is a bold statement necklace that is timeless and sophisticated. 

Poh Heng celebrates 70 years of Trust

L to R: Necklace $170,000, Bangle $87,000, Ring $17,000, Earrings $37,000

The Journey

Poh Heng celebrates 70 years of Trust

L to R: Bangle $6,700, Pendant $970, Earrings $1,700, Ring $1,700

Here’s a sneak peek of the stars photographed with their loved ones. For the rest, head down to Poh Heng in town!