The origins of the iconic Force 10 bracelet from Parisian luxury jewellery house Fred needs no introduction. Brand founder Fred Samuel shared his passion for sailing with his sons and in 1966, his eldest son had an epiphany; to braid together ocean cables and attach them to an anchor-shaped buckle at each end to make a braclet. The rest, you can say, was history as we know it; the Force 10 was born, dressing the wrists of numerous ladies with exquisite taste for decades since.



The new L’Atelier Fred service, which allows customers to have this signature piece custom-designed to their liking, first touched base exclusively at Fred’s flagship store in Paris earlier in February this year. And now, L’Atelier Fred will finally be available in Singapore.



With the help of a specialised advisor, you’ll be able to create your very own version of the Force 10 bracelet in the Fred boutique located in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Sitting atop the sensory machine are different building blocks, each representing a particular part of the bracelet; either the chain, the fastening or the buckle. By playing around with the different options, you can see your creation come to life on an attached screen. It’s a truly unique experience, considering how jewellers rarely allow customers to personalise one of their iconic designs.




With the options of various materials, colours and even types of gemstones, the possible permutations are endless. As of right now, there are exactly 1,705 combinations possible, and that’s not even encompassing the colour variations yet. Fred also allows you to customise your bracelet with a selection of over a thousand custom colour lacquers. There’s even a special colour detector available in-store to digitally analyse and pick up the colour of an item, favourite accessory or even a photo of a landscape.



With claims of having over 100,000 possible renditions, it’s not very likely that you’ll come across someone else with the same creation as you. Psst… there’s also a custom engraving service, so that you can literally leave your signature on your design.

After creating your own Force 10 bracelet, you’ll leave the boutique with a print-out of your design for keepsake. Within 15 days, your personalised bracelet will be crafted by FRED’s jewellers and delivered to you. Perhaps you might want to gift this to someone special with Christmas fast approaching… We think it’ll make for a beautiful and meaningful surprise.


L’Atelier Fred Force 10 Customised Bracelets, price start from €1,820 (S$2898.58). Available at Fred, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Also available in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Paris.