Pandora Shine Jewellery model

When I first observed Pandora’s Shine Jewellery collection at a suite located in a hotel downtown, my first few impressions were immediately drawn to how beautiful and wearable the chokers, bracelets and necklaces are. The Danish brand, which is known for its handcrafted sterling silver and 14k gold jewellery, is now revealing their 18k gold-plated sterling silver range. The collection, which will be available for a limited time only, features two series, which are the Bee Mine and Rays of Sunshine.

Inspired by nature during spring and rays of light, Rays of Sunshine includes pendants, rings and charms featuring sun motifs. Bee Mine on the other hand draws inspiration from geometric beauty of the honeycomb, and features chokers, bracelets and a hexagonal shaped rings. The popular picks that would resonate well with women are the delicate honeycomb chokers and bee charms, when paired with a Summer dress, makes for a style statement.

Taking a new spin on the memorable snake chain bracelet, there is a sliding clasp to make it easier to interchange your favourite charms – a welcoming function when mixing and matching to the end. Simple rings are also stackable, giving us an option to play around with different ways of layering and personalising style.

Pandora Shine creative designers

Interestingly, the jewellery house welcomed two Italian designers full-time, who designed this range: VP Creative Designers Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli. The duo had been working with the house since 2016, but went into full-swing with this collection recently. With their contemporary way of seeing designs, the duo are breathing new life to the exciting collection, iconising Pandora’s classic pieces and creating new icons, adding to the already diverse ranges that the brand has to offer.

Looking at some of the offerings here, which are your favourite? The best bit: prices start from $39 onwards.

Pandora Bee Mind Ray of Shine jewellery collections