For many of us, getting a new piece of jewellery has always held a special meaning. Perhaps it’s to mark the Xth anniversary with your beau. Maybe you plan to surprise your mum with a meaningful necklace for Mother’s Day. Or you’ve decided to shower yourself with lots of love and bling to celebrate your birthday. 

Whatever your reason, make the purchase extra special by picking a design from one of these homegrown jewellery brands. Let their glittering designs dazzle their way into your heart, and brighten up your day as well as your Instagram feed. 

Carrie K. Code Collection

The global pandemic has reminded us about what is truly important. And that is none other than our loved ones. This has also inspired Carolyn Kan, founder of Carrie K for her new and customisable Code collection.

“In current times, I am reminded of how important my loved ones are to me,” she shares. “And I wanted something discreet, timeless yet precious to represent them.” 

The pieces, available in 14K or 18K yellow, rose and white gold, look extra special because they replace letters with morse code. That means your design will feature diamond dots and dashes that hold a secret meaning between you and whoever you’re gifting it. How memorable is that! 

Photo: Carrie K.

The Carrie K. Code collection is available on

Poh Heng Created For Love Collection

Singapore is famous for its racial harmony and diverse cultures. Poh Heng, one of the biggest household names, proudly celebrates that.

Its wedding-ready designs, each crafted with love use the finest materials, and draw inspiration from the different races and religions. For example, the Dragon Phoenix drop earrings feature auspicious Chinese folklore figures that will match the Chinese wedding dress or qun kwa.

One thing’s for sure: Brides-to-be can get certainly get creative by mixing and matching the different accessories, creating their personal Singapore wedding story.

Photo: Poh Heng / Instagram

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Goldheart Modern Remix 916/999 Gold Collection

With Goldheart’s Modern Remix 916/999 Gold range, wearing gold jewellery can now be a daily affair.

These contemporary pieces are specially designed with a timeless theme in mind. Which is why you’ll notice that the bangles, rings, earrings and more from this collection boast clean lines that are a perfect match for the modern women.

The good thing about these fuss free pieces is that they can be easily styled with your work and weekend outfits, adding a subtly stylish touch to your ensemble.

Photo: Goldheart / Instagram

Check out Goldheart’s Modern Remix 916/999 Gold collection here.