If your week’s been a little dreary so far, you can head outdoors for a quick workout to help you relax, come with us as we raid the closet of celebrity Jade Seah, swing by Godiva’s first-ever lifestyle concept dessert cafe at ION Orchard…the choices are aplenty.

Or you can swing by this upcoming exhibition that’ll brighten up your day instantly (quite literally too). We’re talking about the Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017 (SIJE) that’s happening from tomorrow until Sunday at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Expo and Convention Centre.

Hailed as the largest and most sustainable consumer jewellery showcase in the region, this year’s display promises to be more stunning than ever. There’ll be over 200 exhibitors who’ve all flown in from over 25 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Italy.

They’re all bringing in some of their most prized gems that add up to a jaw-dropping US$150mil. Speaking of precious designs, some of the jewellers have been kind enough to bring in rare and exceptional pieces for the most discerning eyes in town (including yours, naturally).

So, what can we all expect? Scroll down and pre-treat yourself to some of the highlights that’ll be on display at the expo. Oh, and for the fashion lovers, look forward to the SIJE Qipao Fashion Show presented by Singapore cheongsam tailor Mazzario by Mimi on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 3pm.

1. 51-carat yellow diamond by DeGem

Photo: Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017

For starters, be wowed by DeGem’s 51-carat yellow diamond which is revered by jewellery lovers for its rare intense yellow hue. Quick note: 51-carat diamonds that are certified intense yellow are basically very rare. Which explains why a 75-carat cushion modified brilliant-cut Fancy Vivid yellow diamond ring was able to fetch a whopping $3.6mil at a Christie’s Auctions in 2015.

Anyway, if you’ve been racking your brain on how you can introduce yellow into your closet, this yellow diamond might just be a great way to begin.

2. 20-carat oval IF diamond ring by DeGem

Photo: Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017

We’ll warn you first: gazing at this magnificent piece for a long period of time may be dangerous. Why? Because you may start to disregard everything else (including your boyfriend) so yes, stare at your own risk!

This rock needs no extra embellishment and the expert jeweller knows it as it is simply set on a plain band. Whilst the diamond certainly doesn’t follow the ‘more is more’ rule, the design of the ring certainly does — leaving the stone to do all the work (and take all the glory too).

3. 10-carat natural unheated Burma pigeon blood ruby

Photo: Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017

The key attraction of this floral ring is none other than the 10-carat Burma ruby which is regarded as one of the rarest and most precious rubies by collectors.The accompanying pure diamonds lend an even more alluring appeal to this fine piece.

Look closer and you’ll realise that the ring is shaped to look like a beautiful blossom. Here’s a note if you’re a budding ruby collector; according to SIJE, “rubies from Myanmar generally command higher prices as they have the coveted, near perfect colouring known as ‘pigeon blood red’.” Now that explains where this ring got its name from. 

4. Coventina the Phoenix pendant/brooch by Caratell

Photo: Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017

Worn as a pendant or a brooch, either way this colourful award-winning piece in Dubai Jewellery Awards — shaped like a phoenix — will put the spotlight on you wherever you go.

5. Natural unheated 20-carat Indicolite with diamond ring by IVY Masterpiece

Photo: Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017

A cocktail outfit isn’t exactly complete until you’ve put on a cocktail ring. This one, which comes with a statement-making 20-carat Indicolite that’s impossible to miss. The diamonds hugging the precious jewel are 2 carat, whilst the ring material is 18k white gold throughout. Oh and if you’re thinking of splurging on this one, its current market price is $100,000.

Match it with a shift dress if you want to keep things simple or reach for a mermaid gown if you prefer a more dramatic ensemble.  

6. Diamond necklace with natural 8.08-carat rubellite by Castaldi Gioielli Design

Photo: Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017

Don’t feel shy when you notice people staring at your decolletage when you wear this necklace to your next red carpet event. With its impressive D-colour diamonds, 18k white gold and attention-grabbing 8.08-carat rubellite, it’s going to be a statement piece for any ensemble.

7. 28.58-carat emerald cut diamond ring by Mor Brothers

Photo: Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017

Mor Brothers’ 28.58-carat emerald cut diamond ring is a hard-to-miss piece that’ll bling up your fingers and make your friends jealous. Thanks to its rectangular features, this is one investment-worthy accessory that’ll look stylish and elegant now and in many decades to come.

That’s not all. Expect a lot more remarkable scene-stealing pieces that are all fighting for your attention and a square on your Instagram feed.

The Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017 will be held at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, halls A and B, from July 6 to 9, 2017.