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Home-grown jewellery label Carrie K. has created a range of modern pieces with defined lines and sleek elegant silhouettes. The Nut and Bolt 2.0 collection features necklaces, earrings, ear jackets and rings.

Made of 925 sterling silver, the accessories are plated in rhodium, 18K rose gold or 18K yellow gold.

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Highlight pieces include the Nut & Bolt Choker ($198), which features a single gemstone that rests between the collar bones; and the Nut and Bolt Hoop Earrings ($228), hexagonal hoop earrings lined with 24 white cubic zirconia and one larger crystal.

In a press release, founder and designer Carolyn Kan says: “This collection takes the mundane everyday objects that keep the world together and re-imagines them into coveted pieces to embellish your wardrobe.”


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The Nut and Bolt 2.0 collection will be launched at the Boutiques Fair at the F1 pit building on Nov 9 and will be available at Keepers, 01-01, National Design Centre, as well as www.CarrieKRocks.com.

This article was first published at The Straits Times