Photo courtesy of Carrie.K

A few months ago, artisan jeweller Carrie.K released its Nut & Bolt 2.0 collection which was playful and witty. Now it is debuting its Fine Jewellery line with the Modern Heirloom Collection, which we must say is the perfect accessory for Chinese New Year.

Carrie.K Artisan Jewellery is known for their feminine yet edgy pieces that put a twist to what makes a piece of jewellery precious and desired. Each lovingly handcrafted piece tells a significant story that is passed through the generations (along with the jewellery). 

That uniqueness carries on with with the Modern Heirloom Collection, which tells the story of Singapore’s culture with a four-part collection featuring the narratives of different cultural and ethnic groups. All the fine pieces from the collection are made to be stackable with each other, so that you too can create and style your very own Singapore story. 


Photo courtesy of Carrie.K

Although its style in this collection is a little less playful and whimsical, Carrie. K still retains its witty take on jewellery. The line features fine gems like rubies, blue sapphires, diamonds, and semi-precious gems like pearls, topaz and jade detailing from art deco vintage jewellery. Set in solid silver or 9K gold and you get a modern, Carrie.K twist to our heritage tales.

The four-part collection will be released separately, with its first iteration launching in time for the Chinese New Year.




Peranakan and Chinese culture influence

Photo courtesy of Carrie.K

While the collection’s designs are mostly inspired by colourful Peranakan tiles, the first installation pays tribute to the Si Dian Jin, which is the Chinese ideal for four generations under one roof, with each point symbolising a blissful generation.


The Heritage Rings

L-R: Heritage Outer Ring, Sapphire and Swiss Blue Topaz Ring, Ruby and Amethyst Ring, Emerald and Rhodolite Garnet Ring.

The Heritage Rings carry the Si Dian Jin ideal and present it in the form of the four strokes that resemble a four-sided roof (on the outer ring) and four inner strokes that represent the four generations (on the inner ring). The rings come in two versions (sold separately) which can each be worn by itself, or together, depending on the occasion.

The Heritage Outer Ring is the simple addition to glam up your outfit, with its white topaz halo. Pair it with the Heritage Inner Ring, that is dressed with either rubies, blue sapphires or emerald, and you get a perky, luxurious accessory.

9K Gold Heritage Outer Ring, S$1,288; 925 Silver Heritage Outer Ring, S$288; 925 Silver Heritage Inner Ring, S$388 each.


The Heritage Ear Drops

L-R: Amethyst and London Blue Topaz Ear Drops, Tsavorite and Rhodalite Garnet Ear Drops, London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz Ear Drops.

In true Carrie.K style, the line also features two multi-part earrings that can be worn in two styles. The first part is the Heritage Ear Stud which comes with gems to give a minimal classy look. You can wear it by itself, or with the second part. Paired together, they add a splash of sophistication and elegance. 

These come in different gem combinations, so you can choose the combination that suits your style the most.

925 Silver Heritage Ear Studs and Drops, $368 to $588; 9K Gold Heritage Ear Studs and Drops, S$1,188 to S$1,488.




The Heritage Ear Jackets

L-R: Emerald Tsavourite and Rhodolite Garnet Ear Jacket, Sapphire London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz Ear Jacket, Amethyst and Swiss Blue Topaz Ear Jacket, Amethyst and Rhodolite Garnet Ear Jacket.

If dangling earrings aren’t your thing, you’ll love the Heritage Ear Jacket which brings a tinge of edginess to your outfit. The ear jackets feature 925 silver designs, again with several gem combinations which all include white topaz. 

925 Silver Heritage Ear Jacket, S$388 to S$758; 9K Gold Heritage Ear Jacket, from $1,498.


The Heritage Pearl Clasp

L-R: Ruby Pearl Necklace, London Blue Topaz Pearl Necklace, Emerald Pearl Necklace.

Trust Carrie.K to give pearls that fresh touch – in the form of The Heritage Pearl Clasp that features white topaz and the Si Dian Jin design for a modern art deco twist. It’s completely luxurious with certified freshwater pearls and a selection of gem combinations, which you can choose to your liking. 

The opulent pearl necklaces can be purchased separately according to the length you’d like. 

Heritage Pearl Clasp, S$598; 17” Freshwater Pearl Necklace, S$888.


The Heritage Long Necklace

Giving an even more contemporary twist is the Heritage Long Necklace in 925 silver, which comes in two designs. One features three 8mm freshwater pearls and the other features three 8mm jade beads. Both of the designs have the Si Dian Jin inspired pendant, which has a London blue topaz and white topaz that gives the necklace its exceptionally timeless style.

925 Silver Heritage Long Necklace, S$498.


The Modern Heirloom Collection will be available at the newly opened Carrie K. Fine Jewellery Atelier located at #02-02 National Design Centre. The ready-to-wear collections will be available at the Keepers Playshop, located just below the atelier.