Viral video: fashion madness with Alexander Wang

WATCH THE VIDEO: Alexander Wang fans create chaos during giveaway spree and are filmed for his T by Alexander Wang Fall 2013 video

FALL 2013 T BY ALEXANDER WANG - UNDISCLOSED EVENT screenshot video ©2013 YouTube, LLC

The American designer invited his fans to a special top-secret event, where he captured a mass free-giveaway on camera for his T by Alexander Wang Fall 2013 video.

In Kanye West's "New Slaves," the rapper describes a new generation of luxury consumers obsessed with labels, and "spending everything on Alexander Wang."

And Alexander Wang's new video shows off just what mad devotion his clothes inspire, although these fans didn't have to open their wallets.

Last month the designer invited hundreds of his most devoted fans to queue up for a one-time-only undisclosed special event in New York City. The first 100 were led into a darkened warehouse where a video message from Wang was projected above their heads:

"When the door opens you're going to have access to the T by Alexander Wang collection," says the Chinese-American creative. "There's stuff for girls, stuff for guys, some older stuff, some new stuff, some classics. And by the way, everything is free."

Cue chaos as the crowd rushed for the clothes. The fans were invited to leave with whatever they could physically carry. Caught in stunning slow-motion by director Darren Stein, fashionistas grab garments and smash up boxes full of merchandise.

Being called everything from art installation piece to genius viral marketing to terrifying, it's certainly got people buzzing and also wondering if some of the more dramatic scenes were staged. -