Photo: Carrie K.

Tell us more about your latest collection.

Carolyn Kan: The Bling Bar is a range of elegant and playful charms that adds colour and bling to cheer up the wearer. I was inspired by the candy bar that I loved to visit as a kid. Just like the candy bar, my Bling Bar offers everybody a variety of delightful charms made to inject a bit of playful magic into your bracelets and necklaces.

What should we look out for?

Kan: You can customise your own bracelet or necklace with charms that are designed to remind you of positive and happy thoughts. For example, some of them read: ‘Laugh’, ‘Love’ and ‘Luck’. We also offer complimentary engraving – of up to five words – on the charms.

The Bling bracelets and charms are available in three colourways – 925 silver, yellow gold and plated rose gold. Their sleek and flexible design fits most wrist sizes and features a signature screw-on closure.

Unlike other charm bracelets, our Bling bracelets feature specially designed silver, yellow gold and rose gold beads with silicone technology that acts like a stopper to prevent your charms from sliding from one end to the other. They’ll thus help to keep your charms in place.

Designer Carolyn Kan has released her latest collection named Bling Bar.

Share with us your accessorising tips.

Kan: If you’re wearing an outfit with a colourful print, then a bracelet featuring a variety of charms will complete the look. On the days when you want to look elegant, pare it down to just two charms. Personally, I like to wear my bracelet with the open side facing out and spotlighting one ‘Lucky’ charm on each end of the bracelet.

What should shoppers think about when they’re buying accessories for themselves?

Kan: We hope to sprinkle a dose of joy into people’s lives with our jewellery, reminding them on the importance of happiness in life.

So, when you’re buying an accessory, get something that speaks to you and will continue to remind you of what really matters to you. Also, look out for versatile pieces that you can wear for both work and on weekends.

The Bling Bar collection is now available at Carrie K. Atelier, #02-03 National Design Centre.

How about if we’re buying accessories as presents for others?

Kan: In the Bling Bar collection, we have specially selected messages that relate to themes like strength, belief, courage, luck and living well. My advice is to think about who the recipient is and what he or she is going through in their lives at the moment.

For example, wish them ‘Luck’ if they are about to embark on a new adventure, or wish them ‘Love’ if they’ve just exited a relationship. This would make the gift more personal and meaningful.

You started Carrie K. in 2009. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

Kan: I feel blessed to able to do what I am passionate about, which is to design and create playful stories in the form of jewellery. I believe very strongly in helping to build and spotlight our rich community of Singapore designers, artists and artisans.

It’s not easy, but I always tell myself that nothing worthwhile ever is. I believe that with a clear vision, passion and the right people behind you, anything is possible.

Do you have a go-to look for work?

Kan: Most of the time, you’ll see me in my Feiyue sneakers and a comfortable asymmetrical black outfit. I don’t spend much time thinking about what to wear as I’m always impatient to get on with the many projects I have on hand. This is why I love accessories because they instantly elevate and lend colour and personality to the simplest of outfits.

Click play to get a close up look at the Bling Bar collection.



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