Victoria Beckham may have long hung up her “Posh Spice” moniker, but in the flesh, the British celebrity designer exemplified elegance. When she played Mum and organised the journalists for a group picture, taken with her own iPhone, the petite woman was assertive and still oh-so-posh – girl power indeed, as the Spice Girls would say.

Victoria Beckham poses perfectly, not a hair out of place despite her claims that she has fuzzy hair in the Singapore heat

Leaving her four children and husband back in London, Beckham flew to Singapore to introduce her Spring Summer 2014 and Pre-fall 2014 accessories collections, and also an exclusive range just for On Pedder – where the Victoria Beckham accessories line is stocked – customers.

“There are five bags and two sunglasses in the vintage rose colour, just for this market,” Beckham said, as the exclusive pieces were passed around. “I love being in Asia and I wanted to offer the ladies here something different and exclusive. I really like this beautiful feminine romantic colour; it looks great with the existing Spring Summer ready-to-wear collection and can be used season after season; and works for both day and evening.”


Victoria Beckham accessories are now available at On Pedder. Pictured above, a selection of the Spring Summer 2014 collection and exclusive pieces only available at On Pedder

Beckham may have just flown in a few days ago yet she seems to have sized up Asian women pretty well. When asked whether she was looking to expand in Asia, she replied, “If the demand is here and the Asian ladies like what I do, which they seem to be. The women here seem to have a natural sense of style, a flair of fashion, very sophisticated and chic. They really appreciate luxury and quality as well, something I really pride myself on. They [also] naturally have very good bodies that make what I do very easy.”

She’s designed clothes, bags and sunglasses, how about shoes? Well, the designer has a sturdy business mind screwed on. Beckham said that at some point, shoes will happen, but before that, she has to do all the research; and find the correct infrastructure and people before the brand launches into it.


There’s no better spokesperson for the brand than Beckham herself and she appeared as though she walked right off the runway, in a grey short sleeve pleat mini dress from the Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2014 collection. As much as she enjoyed her time with the Spice Girls, having her own label is what she really loves. Beckham said, “This is my passion. I want to empower women whether it’s in America, Asia or Europe. [Sending models down the runway] made me more nervous than performing because I have a strong message I want to put out there, I take my business very seriously.”

Picture perfect in a Spring Summer 2014 Victoria Beckham ready-to-wear dress

When asked what she wouldn’t wear, Beckham quickly answered “crop top” – the heyday of the Spice Girls evidently forgotten. “I do like the crop as a detail, that’s what I challenged myself with a couple of seasons ago. I was intrigued by [crop tops] and took that as an inspiration as a seaming detail. I like to get inspired by things that challenge me. I think that’s important as opposed to naturally doing what you like all the time. Ultimately I want to design clothes and accessories that I want to wear but I like to challenge my aesthetics [that’s] fresh and new.”

Beckham was obviously enthusiastic about dressing women. Oprah’s just one of the celebrities that have worn the brand and the experience was “so exciting for me because I’ve so much respect and admiration for her. She’s not a skinny woman, she’s very sexy, curvaceous woman”. The designer cites not enough time but when she does have, she would like to create a plus size line to “reach as many women as I can”.

“It depends on where I’m going, I use the zipper pouches (above) a lot and this little Quincy bag I tend to use most days as it’s a really good size,” says Beckham.


Her very photogenic family is most important to Beckham. “I make sure I’ll always take the kids to school and attend school events. My working life revolves and fit in what the children are doing and their needs,” maintained the designer.

While she may have presented many seasons of runway collections and her accessories lines are doing equally well, her husband doesn’t go to her for much style advice. “No more than any husband would go to his wife. He [David] has a natural sense of style and natural flair for fashion. He’s very good at dressing himself,” added Beckham, with her signature wry humour.

Victoria Beckham accessories are available at On Pedder at #02-10 to 13 Scotts Square. For more information, go to and