Victoria Beckham: Babies bonded me to DellalVictoria Beckham and Charlotte Dellal bonded over “shoes and babies”.

The designers recently collaborated on the shoe line for Victoria’s new affordable range Victoria by Victoria Beckham.

The pair admitted that as they are both busy working moms they had a lot to chat about throughout the design process.

“We only met once, but both just having had babies and having businesses to run, we actually have a lot in common,” Victoria explained in an interview with the UK edition of Glamour magazine.

“Shoes and babies!” agreed Charlotte.

Victoria was thrilled with the eventual outcome of the project. Both women were pregnant during their collaboration but that didn’t affect things at all.

“Charlotte’s team were fabulous, very professional and creative and although neither of us could travel, we all understood how to make this work,” Victoria gushed. “I was so happy with the results.”

Charlotte was equally delighted to have the opportunity to work with Victoria. She was amazed at how hard working the mother-of-four was.

“Victoria knew what she wanted and her team were very efficient – this is the key when collaborating,” she smiled.