Vanessa Bruno says the key to Parisian style is to be “messy”.

Having shown a truly chic Spring/Summer 13 collection at Paris Fashion Week, the French designer proved she is an expert when it comes to style.

Bruno says true fashionistas never put in too much effort.

“French women are never try-hard,” she told the British edition of Grazia magazine.

“We are low-key with our make-up – just a tanned face and mascara – and never want to look too perfect. If you see a cool girl in Paris, there’s always something a bit messy, a bit dishevelled.”

Slouchy, oversized clothes ruled the runway at Bruno’s show, with muted nude tones a firm favourite.

Bruno believes when it comes to accessories and styling, a similarly casual vibe should be embraced.

“Keep your hair a bit messy, don’t tuck your shirt in too evenly and scuff up your boots,” she advised.

“If you want to look laid-back and cool, you can’t be so precise. Parisian style is not about looking like a magazine cover.” – COVER MEDIA