We love a good face mist! Constantly oscillating between air conditioned malls and offices to the humid outdoors in Singapore can wreak havoc on our poor skin, so we were easy converts to facial misting. Uriage Thermal Water holds the rebalancing, hydrating appeal that our visages are crying out for.
In fact, Uriage Thermal Water is the only isotonic hydrating mist on the market. What does isotonic mean for your skin you ask? Isotonic water respects the size and integrity of our skin’s cells, which makes Uriage the only facial mist that you don’t need to dab off after spraying as its affinity to the skin is so close, it’s water for the skin.
Naturally filtered through crystalline Alpine rock, the thermal spring water holds centuries of mineral benefits to pamper your skin and contains 50% more concentrated mineral content than other thermal waters. Over time, the water also builds up your skin’s natural defence ability and tightens open pores meaning it will be better protected against external aggressions and irritants, yes, we’re looking at you Singapore haze!
The simple spray-and-go benefits of the isotonic water mean that you can mist wherever you may be! Occasionally I’ve felt a little self-conscious to mist on the go, as unless you’re carrying a tissue or towelette, you’re left with a rather unwanted ‘wet look’, not the popular runway hair trend kind. Just spray and let it act! As the mist dries it will provide your skin with its continual benefits and minerals.
Set amongst the thermal spring baths between the French Alps and mountainous town of Grenoble, Uriage Thermal Institute is where the brand’s dermatological expertise resides. The centre treats patients suffering from an array of skin concerns and problems including eczema and post-surgery, so Uriage Thermal Water is hypoallergenic and perfect for soothing redness woes.
In fact, it’s good for just about everything: setting your morning make-up, moisturising skin when travelling on planes and even providing instant hydration post-workout when your skin is prone to producing excess sebum and sweat. For a woman on the go, this is good news, it slots seamlessly into your life if you’re in a hurry to work or en route to a dinner date.
Now go and get your radiant glow on! Simply click to buy with our special discount below, spray and keep constantly fresh.


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To find out more about Uriage’s skincare visit www.uriage.com/SG/en. Stay updated on Uriage’s Facebook here.