The ultimate guide in working out what colours to wear to suit your skin tone

Add some vibrant hues to your wardrobe by finding out which colours work well with your skin tone

Cool skin tones

If you’re cool toned, you’re probably the person on holiday who runs around frantically in search of shade after 10 minutes in the sun. You burn easily and your hair lies somewhere from dark brown or black through to ashy blonde.


Best colours for cool skin tones: Anything blue-toned is going to complement your skin best, so try and go for cobalts, shocking pinks, navys lavenders, greys, deep purples and cool reds. Frosty colours like ice blues and lilacs are your new best friend, as are (you’ll be pleased to hear), metallics.


Worst colours for cool skin tones: Yellows and anything with a warm orange tone. Warm colours will never look quite right next to your cool hues.


Cool skin tones would look great in...

metallic dress

Metallic flowing dress, S$89.90, Zara


cotton sweater

Cape-style cotton sweater, S$135, Massimo Dutti


Neutral skin tones

With elements of both cool and warm skin tones, you’re a neutral tone if you seem to fall in the middle and can’t be certain of the answers to the earlier questions. Your hair is a combination of ashy and warm tones and you’re the annoyingly lucky people who can pull off pretty much anything.


Best colours for neutral skin tones: The world is your oyster, but your best colours are muted and fall in the middle of the colour spectrum. Think blush-toned pinks, jade greens, off-whites, taupes and dusty blues. Softer colours work better than bolds on you, but a single-shade outfit in a muted colour, paired with statement accessories in a bolder shade will work a treat.


Worst colours for neutral skin tones: Anything over-saturated like shocking pinks and striking blues, which can often overwhelm neutral tones.


Neutral skin tones would look great in...

satin blouse

Satin blouse with tied-bow detail, S$59.90, Zara


beige trousers and blazer

Checked tailored trousers, S$195, textured weave suit blazer, S$345, Massimo Dutti


Warm skin tones

In contrast to cool toned people, you’re able to tan in the sun, and your hair ranges from dark brown to dark blonde with more honey tones coming through.


Best colours for warm skin tones: Beautiful warm reds, oranges, yellows, warm greens, reddy purples, creams, camels and browns. Head for  anything gold or honey-hued.


Worst colours for warm skin tones: Frosty blues, purples and ice greys. Also steer clear of bolder colours, which have a more bluish tone, like ruby red.


Warm skin tones would look great in…

long flowing skirt

Long flowing skirt, S$175, Massimo Dutti


satin gown

Satin gown, S$129, Mango