The ultimate guide in working out what colours to wear to suit your skin tone

Add some vibrant hues to your wardrobe by finding out which colours work well with your skin tone


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Why is it that some people can look absolutely incredible in bold yellow and, others (me included), look a bit rubbish? What’s worse, is you can never quite put your finger on why that is, so you think ‘I just can’t pull this off’ or, ‘I’m never trying orange again’. But why is that? How can you find a colour that does suit you? That one killer shade that makes YOU absolutely incredible?

If you find yourself out shopping with the intention of adding some colour to your wardrobe, but skulking back with a haul of ‘safe colours’ in black or white (we’ve all been there), then it may be a simple case of working out which colours do suit you once and for all - and trust me, there are some.

colourful wardrobe

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Just like if you change your hair colour, the tone of your skin will determine whether you’ll get those head-turning ‘wow that suits you so much!’ compliments, or the deafening silence of disapproval, which confirms your worst suspicions and makes you wish you’d waited a while before cutting out the tag on that cobalt sweater.

So are you ready to ditch the black? (Well, some of it anyway.) Let’s find ‘your colour’.




Determining your skin tone

Your skin has a surface tone, which, like it says on the tin, is your colour on the surface. This determines whether you’re pale, medium or dark. However, what a lot of people don’t realise, is that your skin also has an undertone, which is the colour beneath the surface. It’s this undertone that gives us the coolness or warmth, and, it’s the reason why an emerald green makes your mate look like a fashion goddess, and you, a washed-out hospital outpatient.

skin undertones

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You’d imagine that pale-skinned people would have a cool skin tone, and darker skinned people a more warm tone, but this isn’t necessarily the case. A lot of pale people are warm-toned, so trust us; taking the time to work out your undertone may be the most productive two minutes of your day. Work through the following questions to help you to decide.


1. How does your skin look next to a white piece of paper?

Grab a white piece of paper, any will do, and hold it up next to your face in a mirror. What colour does it look in contrast to the white?

If it looks:
Blue or pink: You probably have a cool tone
Yellow, light brown or green: You probably have a warm tone
Greyish: You probably have a neutral tone


2. What colour are the veins on the inside of your wrist?


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If they look more:
Blue: You probably have a cool tone
Green: You probably have a warm tone
Can’t decide: You probably have a neutral tone


3. What colour jewellery suits you best?

Try not to think about the colour you like the most, but the one which always seems to suit you more.

If it’s:
Silver: You probably have a cool tone
Gold: You probably have a warm tone
Can’t decide: You probably have a neutral tone

Now you’ve got a grasp on which skin tone group you fall into, we can start looking at the colours that suit you the most. This isn’t to say that you have to only wear the colours in your group, after all, in the fashion world rules are made to be broken, but it’ll give you a good idea on the best base shades to wear. You can always go crazy on your accessories, adding pops of colour on belts, handbags or shoes to get your spectrum fix.