Millinery goes modern: How Marc Jacobs is taking classic headwear to the streets

Baggy tees and casual hoodies go hand in hand with netted fascinators and feathered beanies in bold hues at Marc Jacobs F/W ’19

Photo: Marc Jaocbs 

Mention veiled hats and fascinators, and the imagery that springs to mind would usually be of royal weddings and matching suits. Not so on Marc Jacobs’ F/W ’19 runway, which shows a more current approach, with a riot of colours and streetwear glam millinery.

Photo: Marc Jaocbs 

Working with long-standing collaborator, esteemed British milliner Stephen Jones, Marc Jacobs juxtaposes glamorous feathers with everyday beanies, while netted fascinators are styled with baggy long sleeved t-shirts and hoodies.

Photo: Marc Jacobs

The American label has demonstrated a fondness for hats for some time now. In fact, F/W ’19’s ultra voluminous black and white polka dot dress constructed from organza feathers (paired with a feathered black beanie) felt like a nod to its F/W ’11 collection, where polka dots and mini acorn berets reigned supreme. The feathered beanies that topped off majority of the runway looks were unique to each outfit.

Photo: Marc Jacobs

The unexpected combo is, however, in line with the brand’s fondness for experimenting with the high and low. The elements of contrast may make it seem like Marc Jacobs is going against the grain, but really, this couture-like approach is the label’s way of embracing craftsmanship in this streetwear-is-king era. The result is varied yet cohesive – and a thoroughly modern way forward for cool millinery.


This story was first published in Her World's October issue.