Ah… Online shopping; one of the best pleasures of life bestowed upon us all by the mighty world wide web — cute kitty videos aside. Retail therapy loses its shine when we’ve got to deal with pushy crowds and stand in frustratingly endless counter queues. Ergo, the fuss-free joy of being able to order practically anything online is something we can’t be grateful enough for. We simply can’t ask for more.



But Zalora’s not quitting until they’ve made our shopaholic lives as facile as possible. Zalora’s new service, Zalora Now, allows us to enjoy efficient next-day delivery for an unlimited number of times in a year without any minimum spending, for a very affordable sum of $14.90 a year. The premise of it is really simple: See something you like. Buy it. Have it arrive the next day.  

The concept of next-day delivery seemed like more of a bonus e-shopping afterthought than an absolute necessity for us at first. But that’s before we were caught in our own fashion conundrum of not having anything to wear at the very last minute.

We had an upcoming event that very weekend, and we, being assiduous workaholics, had no time to scramble out of our way to shop for a new outfit. We turned to Zalora’s express service in a desperate last minute attempt to snatch up some pretty threads.



When we first landed on Zalora’s shopping page, we were – as usual –  overwhelmed by the extensive range of outfits. But no, we had to stay focussed. 


We knew what we wanted to get; a playsuit. And Zalora’s user-friendly interface and filters made navigation so much easier. We delved into the jumpsuit category and filtered the options to our size and desired price range. It took us less than a couple of minutes to browse through the specially curated list of outfits and find something we like. With just a few clicks, our order was approved and sent for processing. 



Zalora kept up to speed with processing our order. Later that night, we received an email detailing the whereabouts of our order. Phew, we were starting to worry that it wouldn’t arrive on time.


As anticipated, the parcel arrived the very next day at our office desk – a pleasant surprise on a Friday morning (because who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of receiving a new package, right), and just the nick of time for the weekend too.

If you’re a frequent shopper at Zalora, Zalora Now is worth investing in. All our fashion needs can finally be fulfilled at the snap of a finger… The shopaholics in us are pretty satisfied.


To find out more about Zalora Now, visit Zalora’s website here.