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Okay, so the whole unicorn frappe trend is catching on like wildfire, leaving us really gutted over the fact that we have absolutely no access to it. Unless we are in America. Which we are not. So no. (cues dramatic pauses)


What’s the obsession with mono-horned studs and sea-borne women with scaly pelvises? Maybe there’s too much reality going on in women’s lives. Do we crave escape? These are questions best answered by sociologists. But for us, the magic is really in a good spot of retail therapy, so shop on what is arguably Singapore’s best curation of unicorn and mermaid merchandise. Brought to you enchantingly by HerWorld.


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Mermaid brush set: Pearly queen the bomb shell $160 from Spectrum



Just look at that dipped-pink brushes in pastel and gold. Dreamy much. They even come in customised cases that makes you feel that bit more special — iridescent clam pouch for the mermaids, holographic diamond case for the unicorns. Can’t choose? Get both, we’d say.


Unicorn brush set: $90.58 from Dollskill



Plus, the unicorn brush set is vegan so if you’re pro anything plant-base, it’s all sorted out. We love the unicorn horn handle, makes the whole magical make-up process more transformative than it already is. And much more fun.


Mermaid makeup: Illamasqua lipstick $41.17 from Asos


Ah how smart, how smart. Beauty brands have also jumped unto the bandwagon and created mermaid collections.Featuring shades of turquoise, teal and blue, Illamasqua mermaid lipsticks are for the daring to rock. Or for the mermaids really.


Anna Sui summer 2017 collection


Anna Sui’s newest summer 2017 collection takes inspiration from the world of the magical aquarium filled with beautiful and mysterious creatures. Luminising and glittery, these enchanting colours will definitely make a splash worth looking at.


Mermaid Crowns



Instagram: @chelseaflowercrowns


We love this ultra ethereal look and why not recreate them for a festival or just a gathering really.


Unicorn make-up: New look face jewels $10.54 from Asos



In your dreams mermaid glitter $11.61 from Asos



And you can achieve all of that with unicorn face jewels and mermaid sparkle face tattoo. Pile it all up with glitter and no one can stop you now. Go on.


Mermaid nails



Instagram: @missmaemarshall


How can you ever neglect your hair and nails, you don’t want them bare when you’re all in glitter glamour, do you? If you are into the darker side of the sea, head on down to your manicurist and request these, pronto.


Unicorn nails


Instagram: @anouskaanastasia


If you’re a unicorn enthusiast, there’s only one favourite colour for you: Hologram. Rule of thumb: Nails, acceptable. Clothes, no. Unless you’re Jil Sander circa Spring 2007.


Mermaid hair


Instagram: @charlottejonsie


Hello, My Little Pony. This is absolutely gorgeous and also quite a task to achieve it. We suggest going to a salon for professional services and don’t ever attempt to bleach your own hair. Don’t. Or you’ll end up looking like a Hasbro toy reject.




Mermaid skirt: Outstanding ordinary midi mermaid skirt $88.68 from Asos



We love this midi skirt from Outstanding ordinary. The iridescent accent mimics that of a mermaid’s tail, allowing you to be a mermaid and still go to work — you know, kinda like Ariel the Little Mermaid if she needs to be in human form and take the MRT to work?


Saloni polka dot mermaid skirt $575 from Net-a-porter


Or do it the classy way with Saloni’s skirt that ends with a flare hem. It hints at a mermaid’s tale, without attracting too much attention. After all, you’re an off-duty mermaid.


Mermaid tail blanket: $62.67 from arielblankets



Sleep in style with mermaid blankets knitted from quality acrylic yarn, because your mermaid alter-ego should always be in character, even when you are lucid dreaming. And the best thing? No more cover-snatching games with your partner while sleeping.


Unicorn Onesie



Instagram: @sophiehannahrichardson


Unicorn onesies are great for sleepovers and you ladies should always have a sleepover no matter the age. It never gets old, or boring. Having desserts, some wine and watching sappy rom-coms in unicorn onesies sounds just about right.




The unicorn in you mandates that you eat only colourful foods and poop glitter and rainbows. And you’re in luck: Colourful and unicorn-themed foods are all the rage.


Unicorn toast


Instagram: @charlottejonsie


Try recreating this unicorn toasts at home by colouring your icing, finishing all of it with thousands and hundreds. Remember to get pastel coloured plates because you have to.


Unicorn cafe in Bangkok



Instagram: @mademoisellejoelle


If you’re travelling to Thailand’s colourful capital, then you definitely have to hit up the unicorn cafe that is located at Sathorn Soi 8, 44/1 alley. We heard it is filled with all things magical, unicorn plushies and of course unicorn cake.


Unicorn birthday cake



Instagram: @bakersbrewstudio


Or just order a customised unicorn cake from Baker’s Brew Studio because you deserve a pastel heaven on your birthday.