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You’ve never been one to cover up on any occasion. However, it can be tough to be yourself on Chinese New Year, when all your relatives’ eyes will be on you. It may be stressful, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to go the conservative route — the weather’s way too hot for that.

Don’t worry, exuding a sense of sensuality is possible with these tips. Here are some hacks on getting your sexy outfit the seal of approval.


Red’s actually a sexy colour

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Researchers Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta have shown in their published study that red helps to boost one’s sexual appeal. Since this hue represents prosperity and luck in Chinese culture, you’ll hit the jackpot by putting on a piece of this shade. Try a carmine pleated midi skirt with a neatly ironed blouse, or go for a scarlet lace number.

Just make sure you don’t show up in a skimpy vermilion bodycon dress — not only is this tight-fitting piece uncomfortable, it’s also too over-the-top for a family setting. Not a fan of red? Glide on some rouge lipstick, or paint your nails in a crimson hue.


Choose one: Legs or collarbone

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Showing some skin is one of the easiest ways to feel sexier. But consider our advice: Either flaunt your legs, or your collarbone, and never expose both at once. Playing peekaboo with your ensemble gives a hint of playful flirtatiousness, while still leaving enough to the imagination.

If you’ve decided to put on a mini skirt, pair that with an oversized blouse or a shirt with cool sleeve or neck details. If you wish to expose your collarbone with an off-shoulder top, complement that with a pleated midi skirt or a pair of raw denim jeans.


Put on some heels

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Slipping into a pair of heels can instantly make you look sexy, not to mention make you feel attractive and confident. Why? According to published academic journal Evolution and Human Behavior (2008), women have a different walking posture as compared to men.

Since girls have a fuller derriere, walking in a pair of stilettos will help to increase hip movements and exaggerate this particularly feminine body part. Who run the world?


Let your jacket slip off your shoulders

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Letting our jackets slip off our shoulders, accidental or not, is a great #stylehack that we often abuse to help us look sexier. It invokes a devil-may-care nonchalance and sophistication without coming off as being too racy.

Opt for a silky tank top and wear it with a leather jacket. Let the latter hang off one shoulder for that come-hither look.


It’s the inside that counts

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Sometimes, it’s not what you wear on the outside that boosts your confidence. We’re talking about lingerie. With the right undergarments, even a simple white shirt and denim jeans combo will make you feel like a million bucks.

Feel empowered and sensual by going for lacey pieces, or if you’re in the mood for something edgy, try corsets or pieces with cage designs.