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We talk about clothes all the time on Her World Plus…we talk about them a lot. But sometimes, encouraging you to purchase a work friendly blouse or the perfect brunch dress doesn’t cut it if well, you wear it out straight out of the washing machine.

Look past the somewhat goofy name of Tefal’s latest steamer, the Tweeny 2-in-1, and you’ll fall in love with its features — it’s twice as light as a standard iron, doesn’t threaten to burn a hole in your delicates (thanks to its precise steam and heat output) and best of all? It heats up in just 40 seconds. That’s about the amount of time you spend every morning waiting for all of your lotions to sink into your skin.

That’s not all. The Tweeny 2-in-1 also boasts an angular tip that makes ironing out the creases on the hard-to-iron areas (think shirt collars) an incredibly easy process.

Photo: Tefal

For those who already have an ironing board at home, the Tweeny 2-in-1 can also be used as a classic steam iron. And since it’s made to be travel-friendly, you can even pack this in your suitcase the next time you’re flying out of country for business trips or vacations.

You’ve got the clothes, you’ve purchased the Tefal Tweeny and now, it’s time to get these essentials to keep all your clothings in the best condition ever.


BÄSTIS Lint roller, $1.90, from Ikea

Photo: Ikea

Your OCD friend probably owns one and your colleague who has a pet might have four at home. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one; you never know when you’ll have to face a case of the odd speck of lint on your clothes.


Le Foulonné garment bag in cow leather, $785 from Longchamp

Photo: Longchamp

You’ve purchased the most beautiful luggage that money can buy but that doesn’t mean you simply chuck your clothes into it. Keep your garments wrinkle free with a garment bag that’s equally pleasing to the eyes.


Varnished dark wood clothes hanger with clip, $2 for one, from


Fun fact – these hangers make any wardrobe look more coordinated and covetable. Not so fun fact? Hanging your sweaters on an ordinary one stretches them out and causes bumps so use these hangers to clip them; they’ll keep your clothes in shape.


Plastic storage trolley, $46, from Muji

Photo: Muji

No, your bedroom chair isn’t the best place to leave your clothes at. This storage trolley fits your sweaters, tees, socks and delicates in the most organised way possible.

The Tweeny 2-in-1 retails at $219 and is available at Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, OG, Takashimaya and TANGS outlets, and Lazada.