Photos: Gentle Monster

Back in the day, spectacles were seen as uncool, those wearing them deemed as “nerds” or “bookworms”. Many of us switched over to contact lenses the minute we were old enough to afford them, which allowed us to shed our nerd status and had the added bonus of allowing us to rock sunglasses just like all the other cool kids.

Then sometime over the last few years, spectacles became cool. Everyone, and we mean everyone had a pair, some even sans glass.

High street to designer labels transformed function into fashion, and those of us without 20/20 vision are sighing in relief because let’s face it, no one likes jabbing themselves in the eye every morning to get those pesky contacts in.

Whether you’re seeking better vision or simply looking to up your style game – spectacles are great accessories – we’ve got you covered. Look toward these stylish people from the streets of Singapore for some glasses inspiration, and find out where to steal their style.


1. Luca

Revolutionising fashion trends since the 1960s, we are all about oversized spectacles (and sunglasses). The trick to pulling off this eyewear trend is to make sure that the frames are oversized in proportion to your facial feature, using your pupil placement as a guide. You should aim for your eyes to be positioned at the horizontal center and vertical top third of your lens.

Get the look: Gentle Monster PlanetBlu A02, USD$230 (S$312)


2. Jeanne

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing someone rocking a pair of bold, thick hipster frames – and with good reason.

Lending any look a geek-chic, alternative vibe, the key to pulling off bold frames is to think of them as part of your outfit. Style your look of the day to complement your glasses; we like how Jeanne juxtaposes her bold frames with dangly, more feminine earrings.

Get the look: OWNDAYS, S$98


3. Melisa

Barely there, don’t care. These whisper of spectacles are a perfect minimalist addition to your look that doesn’t take attention away from your features.

Ideal for those with funky coloured hair (so you don’t have to deal with colour clashes), take this minimalist look up a notch by opting for frameless lenses instead.

Get the look: Ray-Ban Frameless Optical Frames, S$287.17


4. Monta

Sometimes, more is well, more and we’re loving these funky eyeglasses for their playful-meets-stylish aesthetic.

For those of you who don’t see eye to eye with traditional square, rectangular or oval frames but still want something suitable to rock in more formal settings, simply choose a pair that has subtle design touches on the eyebrow or the arms.

Get the look: Zenni Optical, S$29.95 




5. Eleanor

Also called “horn-rimmed glasses”, we love tortoise shell glasses because compared to block black or other solid-coloured frames, these look much softer on the face and complements a myriad of complexions.

If these are going to be your go-to daily glasses, take your time picking out a pair with the right speckling for your skin tone. Some combinations lean toward darker speckling, and are best suited for those with tanner skin tones. Fairer skin tones should look for tortoiseshell glasses with lighter brown and yellow hues.  

Get the look: OWNDAYS, S$198


6. Sharmeel

When worn right, spectacles can make you look sexy instead of geeky.

When choosing a pair of rectangular glasses, ensure that the frames do not extend too far beyond the sides of your face. The upper edges of the frames should also run parallel to your eyebrows without covering or cutting them off so as to allow them to properly emphasise your eyes.

Get the look: Zenni Optical, S$12.98


7. Stella

There was a time when coloured frames weren’t cool, but luckily those days are long past us.

Before picking your coloured frames, first choose a shape that best suits your face type (general rule of thumb: angular frames for rounder faces and vice versa).

Next, pick a colour that complements your skin tone. Warmer skin ones (yellow, bronze or golden cast) should stay away from pastel, solid white and black frames, opting for tortoise, browns, gold, honey, beiges and olive greens instead.

Cooler skin tones (pink or blue undertones) should avoid colours that can wash you out, and stick to colours like silver, black, pink, purples, reds and greys.

Get the look: Visual Loft, S$150


8. Lorraine

A must-have in your eyewear arsenal: spectacles that feature a heavier plastic eyebrows and slimmer metal lower frame.

These classic, retro styled glasses are a great middle ground for those who find an all-metal frame too minimalist, or all-plastic frames too bold.

Remember to choose a colour combination that complements your skin and hair colour.

Get the look: O+, S$169