Somewhere between Valentino’s timeless renditions of the Rockstud pumps and the studded ankle boots seen in Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection, we found ourselves mesmerised by these itsy, glitzy embellishments. Stud are great; they’re festive (don’t they just remind you of those glimmering baubles and Xmas tree ornaments?), edgy and they’ll splice up any outfit.

See: Classic studded biker jackets… those never get old.

In the same way, head-to-toe studs is the spunky yet enduring trend to embrace come festive partying season.

All-studded ensembles aren’t easy to pull off, and may wind up looking OTT. The fear is real, people —  you won’t want to show up to Grandma’s Christmas dinner looking as though you’ve just joined a biker gang.

But with the right styling hacks, you’ll find yourself reaching for your metal-tinged outfits more often than not every single time Christmas rolls around. Just like a sky full of stars frosted onto your already-chic bags and holiday dresses, these miniature nailheads make the holidays even better than it already is.

Christmas dinner with the family

Miu Miu suede jacket, $3,563.58; Valentino Rockstud pumps, $929; Maria Kash 18-carat white gold diamond earrings, $1,471.42; Valentino Lovestud Bracelet, $579; Giorgio Armani Trousers, $1, 636

The trick to looking sophisticated in an ensemble that’s splashed with embellishments is to steer clear of pieces that sprout studs with every near millimetre. In other words, studs should act as an accent to your garment. Opt for this crimson suede jacket with polished, organised rows of silver studs and pair it with a sleek pair of trousers with studs coming down the sides. Finish off your look with festive strappy pumps and accessorize as you wish with all things gold and silver (it is Christmas, right?), and you’re ready for a snug session of feasting with your loved ones.



Christmas Eve partying

Norma Kamali Swimsuit, $490; Miu Miu platforms, $1,367; Altuzarra skirt, $727.92; Alaia belt, $1,008.48; River Island choker, $30.90

Switch up the colour of studs in your ensemble for added interest to your look. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little; a silver stud embellished bodysuit here… some lustrous gold baubles sprinkled on a pencil skirt there…  

These details all add up to your final look and the last thing you want is to look like a monochromatic wallflower at the Christmas party. Take this black-on-black ensemble for instance; the simple variation of coloured studs and its sizes make all the difference in taking this outfit to the next level. Fasten on a waist belt to break apart the two studded pieces and get ready to dazzle as you slip on a studded choker and some killer platform boots.


Christmas cocktail events


Alexander Wang dress, $1,263.72; SylviaToledano torque gold-plated necklace, $210; Prada bag, $2,997.03; Alaia studded ankle boots, $1,217.13

Formal Christmas parties are the best. Reveling in the blithe and high spirits of it all and standing in a dazzling evening gown while sipping on Chardonnay… Life doesn’t really get better than that.

This elegant gown trimmed with ruffles that are piped with mini gemstone-like studs are an elegant take on the embellishments — which have pretty much earned themselves a ‘punk rock’ rep since the eighties.

For a number as simple as this, opt for accessories heavier in adornments. This rich forest green ankle boot plastered all over with studs will take centre stage as an ornate statement piece while this studded structured bag anchors the entire look with its edginess.


“Winter Wonderland’ date night

Zara studded lace top, $39.90; Lipsy Stretch Bracelet, $32.33; Sam Edelman sandals, $107.25; Gucci studded jeans, $2,209; ASOS gold rose hair clips, $17.24; Jimmy Choo shoulder bag, $1,529

And with Christmas comes romantic evening strolls and outdoor excursions with our partners as we take in illuminating festive light shows in outdoor festivals such as the anticipated Winter Wonderland in Singapore. Keep your outfit breezy by opting for a lightweight satin camisole with lace trimming and (of course) stud embellishments. Tuck this into a pair of stonewash jeans punctuated with gold studs and decorative cross-stitched flowers for a flirty look and top it all off with a taupe gold box clutch, sandals and gold accessories.