There was a time when tracksuits were the preserve of dowdy middle-aged football coaches or even hip hop wannabes. But then again, no one would have been caught dead in full-PVC jeans or lugged around an IKEA shopping bag in the name of fashion ten years ago… And look where we are today.

Cast your mind back to 2016, when Juicy Couture (of course) teamed up with Vetements to debut the return of the tracksuits at Paris Couture Fashion Week. The velour tracksuits immediately stroked our sense of nostalgia, bring us back to the glory days of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and J.L in the 00s’.



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Flash forward to the present, and the game has completely changed. We’re no longer looking at plain ol’ monochromatic velvet tracksuits anymore; the tracksuit that is so embedded in the current zeitgeist is one that has taken a high-fashion turn.



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The sportswear staple which made a valiant return to the runway, having been overhauled by catwalk powerhouses recently, is now fiercely colourblocked in punchy, retro colours. You’ll see tonnes of white stripes and exposed coloured zippers in contrasting hues.

Surely, it goes against conventional wisdom to wear a head-to-toe tracksuit look to the office when we look like we’re more ready to slouch on the couch for a full-day’s worth of binge watching TV than to actually work.



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But the ones we’ve seen at Valentino, Gucci and Bottega Veneta are crucially appropriate for the office. The new-and-improved tracksuit can be taken apart and worn with a classic polo neck, or with a crisp shirt.

Below, we’ve got more tips to help you elevate the tracksuit for the office—or just about everywhere else.


1. Mix different colors, patterns, and textures

Valentino jacket, $2,129; T by Alexander Wang trousers, $290; Joseph loafers, $766

A black pair of track pants will tone down this bright red and bubblegum pink jacket. Finish with a pair of sensible block heels.


2. Try a maxi-length track jacket

Palm Angels track jacket, $530.78; MGSM turtle neck, $475; Gucci platform boots, $1,540

Wear a longline track jacket as a dress and style it up with a fitted turtleneck layered underneath. Give your outfit an edge by wearing a pair of platform boots.


3. Wear a track jacket over your everyday ensemble

Proenza Schouler jacket, price unavailable, Toteme shirt, $206.70; Hilfiger collection track pants, $339; Jimmy Choo sock boots, $1,238

Your go-to office look will still look prim and immaculate even after you’ve layered up in a track jacket. All you have to do is to opt for a minimalist colour palette. Wear a shirt with a pair of track pants that can easily pull off as trousers and top it off with a white track jacket.

4. Play up separates by choosing colourblock combos

MGSM ruffled jacket, $329.26; Etro mini skirt, $700; Gucci suede heels, $1,000

Don’t be afraid to play around with colours. Go for contrasting hues such as red and dark blue and switch up the colour of your shoes for a retro look.