Photo: The Editor’s Market, Zalora.

If there’s one thing we took from the runways of Singapore Fashion Week, it’s that ruffles are back for this season and they actually look good.

We get it, ruffles are like pickles or durian – you either love it or absolutely hate it. But we’re here to try convert the naysayers into purveyors of the ruffle. 

Honestly, up till now even we have never considered ruffles. But when local labels Whole9Yards and ARISSA X debuted their collections at fashion week, we were shown that frills can work and more to the point, are wearable for the daily office grind.

They added a flair to the model’s movements and made what seemed ‘masculine’ more feminine. The little frills gave off a sweet, flirtatious vibe. 

Ruffles can do you a major favour – as long as you choose the right ones and use them to your advantage. For example, when there are ruffles along the neckline, your collar bones are highlighted and really, who doesn’t want them to pop? But opt for starched stiff oversized ruffle shoulders and you will probably, if not definitely, regret that unwearable purchase.

So this is where we’ll come in. Read on…


Sweet neckline

Frill-trims are great for softening your look and giving a feminine touch. They also bring attention to your collar bones, so don’t forget to pop some highlighter there too! 

Avoid long or excessive frills that will make your outfit too top-heavy and make your chest seem larger and droopier than it is.

L-R: The Editor’s Market wave frill crop top (S$29), Dorothy Perkins peach spot ruffle wrap top (S$42), MANGO ruffle floral print blouse (S$40), See By Chloe ruffled crepe blouse (S$395)


Poppin’ shoulders

Blouses with a little frill resting on your shoulders accentuate them and do a myriad of things – they make you look sweet, flirtatious and even powerful. Simply put, they should be short and sweet. The only exception is if you’re wearing a dress full or frills and thrills! The attention should go to your shoulders, so put your hair to the back.

L – R: Dorothy Perkins high neck ruffle top (S$60), MANGO ruffle sleeve shirt (S$40), Zalora ruffle sleeve bodycon dress (S$30), Topshop patchwork ruffle mini dress (S$109) MSGM ruffled crepe coat (S$640)


Let your sleeves swing

Tops or dresses with ruffled sleeves are hard to find but there are a few gems and they are gorgeous. As you walk through the streets your arms sway with the wind. Compared to short sleeves, long sleeves make a statement and add a sprinkle (or two) of sugar to your ensemble.

L-R: Etro ruffled silk blouse (S$526), The Editor’s Market ruffle sleeve top (S$35), J.Crew ruffled crepe top (S$120), The Editor’s Market tiered sleeve top (S$35),




With what?

Tops with frills on the neckline and sleeves can be paired with ruffled-bottoms too, since they add more flow to the entire look. So don’t be shy! On the other hand, you should also try pairing them with clean skirts or high-waisted pants with a flair at the bottom.

Go for either plain or checked prints (which are also this season’s trend!). The best shoes to slip into are a nice pair of stilettos as you strut around with the frills following suit. Alas not all of us were made for the high life, so ballet flats and block heels can help you achieve the same effect. 

L-R: Tibi cotton poplin wrap skirt (S$377), The Editor’s Market ruffle midi skirt (S$39), Zalia layered flare pants (S$30), River Island checkered trousers (S$90), Prada wool blend slim leg pants (S$698) 



With frills and ruffles, you’ll want to go for simple, elegant accessories which add on to the overall flow and movement of your outfit. You want them to compliment your outfit, not stand out and yell for attention.

So think of minimal drop earrings, single chain necklaces and cuff bracelets (preferably Cartier’s Love bracelet but oh well). 

L-R: ALDO’s Laessa Earrings(S$25),  River Island diamond pave dangle earrings (S$25.90)Lovisa’s geometric octagon rose gold earrings (S$9.90), River Island’s teardrop earring (S$14.90) Lovisa’s gold multi circle earring (S$11) Shantal Jewellery cubic zirconia rose gold-plated lightning hand bracelet(S$97.90), Cartier love bracelet (S$20,000)