6 Ways To Switch Up Your Style, According To A Fashion Ed

Tired of wearing the same ol’ maxed-out threads? Beat wardrobe fatigue and discover your true fashion potential at Plaza Singapura.

The mall will be celebrating its 45th anniversary in October, but ahead of the celebrations, you can still shop there for on-trend, stylish pieces that will make you look 10/10.

Your style needs, sorted

From labels like Fash Mob and Zenzi that are packed with all your favourite closet staples to high-street stores like Twee and Berries that are bursting at the racks with runway-ready outfits and accessories, the mall has got your covered for every occasion.

Fashion-forward people like you should also visit MUJI and Urban Revivo, which showcase carefully curated collections.

And one must not forget shoes. From Rad Russel to Spur and Sole Spirit, shop at the many shoe stores the mall has to offer to find your glass slipper equivalent of footwear.

Tips to switch up your wardrobe

With so many fashion options available there, we won’t be surprised if you end up wanting to switch up your style a bit while browsing through the stores.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips, based on your style personality.