Photo: Instagram/ ireneisgood

Photo: Instagram/ ireneisgood

On the runways of Chanel Spring Summer 2018, Karl Lagerfeld made sure that one trend transcended — transparent boots. These have been such a trend that much ink has been spilled on the potential problems (blisters, fungal growth — nasty stuff!). Despite these problems, it’s clear that the plastic shoe is hot once again, with the likes of Kim Kardashian West, Kirsten Stewart and Rihanna stepping out in see-through footwear this year. 

The problem, if you ask us, is not whether you’ll fester in these pretty things (okay, in our sweltering heat, you probably do have to go from car to club/dinner/some manner of air-conditioned environment very quickly) but whether you’ll look trashy when you choose to rock out in plastic.

We got you on this one. Here are five different ways you’ll be totally chic in the plastic trend.


1. Sharpen it up with blazers

Blazers are like miracle workers. They can add smartness to a casual outfit instantly, and can add class to your outfit built around your plastic footwear.


2. Opt for midi skirts

Wear plastic shoes with a tight dress, and you definitely risk looking like a working girl. Opt for a skirt that’s a midi or a maxi, which will make the whole look more sophisticated.


3. Something sequinned

A plastic shoe is already a statement. So, outdo the shoe and really go for something outrageous on top. We’re thinking sequins — a great look for an event where you want to make a BIG splash.


4. Don’t forget your socks


We mentioned our unforgiving weather… And we admit it — there’s the tendency for moisture to build up within plastic footwear (check out this now-famous image that hit the web). Our suggestion: Slip on some socks (chic ones only, of course) before putting on those transparent goodies.


5. Go opaque


If you want to hop onto this trend bandwagon, yet you hate showing off your toes because you have missed your pedicure session, there’s still a way — by going with a shoe that has opaque layers built into the design.