Photos: Salvatore Ferragamo and Sportsmax

The verdict is in for the year 2018, and the future is looking mighty purple. Following a zesty yellow-green 2017, Pantone announced in early December that the color for the year 2018 will be a decidedly more wearable, invigorating hue of Ultra-violet.

The saturated shade has already made a significant impact across the fashion industry over the past year. Gucci’s Spring 2018 collection gave us a heavy dose of purple with its deliverance of an head-to-toe coordinate of bright purple, and a shimmering ruffled gown plastered in ultra-violet sequins. Other houses like Rochas, La Perla and Loewe too had their hand in sending the ultra-violet look down their catwalks.



While the regal blue-toned shade of purple seems a bit intimidating to wear in everyday life, working ultra-violet into your wardrobe is easier than it seems. We’ve picked out 5 our favorite styles to shop right now as a means for you to rock the 2018 Color of the Year with confidence and ease.




Work the vibrant hue into your everyday wear with these tassel drop statement earrings. Understated with a pop of colour, these purple danglies prove that the tassel earring trend is far from abating come 2018 — especially when it’s in ultra-violet.

DesignB London earrings, $19


Clutch bag


Perfect for cocktail events, this plush velvet clutch is accentuated by a unique gilded hand embellishment for a tongue-in-cheek approach to evening wear glamour. Style them down by wearing it crossbodied with a white shirt and a pair of jeans — you’ll make a real statement with this receptacle so it’s ideal to keep the rest of your ensemble minimal.

Benedetta Bruzziches clutch, $1,256


Midi dress


This purple silk blend lurex velvet high neck dress from Prada features a fitted waist (can you say, uber flattering silhouette?), flared skirt, a mid-calf length flare skirt with a sexy slit,  and short cuffed puff sleeves. In short — it’s a concoction made in heaven for when you want to show some skin; but not too much.

Prada midi dress, $5,850


Flared trousers


Bored of the trousers you wear to work every other day? Trade in your trusty bottoms for these flare-leg trousers with a girlish frill trim and belt loop detail. Wear these with a sequined crop top for a show-stopping party look and opt for a relaxed button down shirt for the office.

Andrea Bogosian trousers, $451


Ankle boots


Other than earrings and statement clutches, try adding an ultra-violet accessory to your look with a good ol’ ankle boot. Crafted in velvet, these will be your ride-or-die staples when it comes to dressing with that dash of pizzazz. They’ll splice up your entire look effortlessly — and there’s nothing we like better than a shoe that speaks for itself.

Ann Demeulemeester boots, $757