#1 Wear Monochromatic Ensembles
The monochromatic look creates an elongated silhouette, and makes it difficult for others to tell where your legs start and end. 

Image: tashahayman.com

#2 Tuck it in
If you are wearing a waist-level or high-waisted skirt or pair of pants, tuck in your top. This would create the illusion of a higher waistline, making your legs look longer.

#3 Bring up Waistlines
Wearing high-waisted bottoms would create the illusion of longer legs. If you are wearing a belt with your dress or skirt, keep the belt at your waist and not any longer. This would help to lengthen the look of your gams too.

Image: stylesnooperdan/Instagram

#4 Hemlines to Note
Hemlines contribute to the proportion of your body. Short skirts make legs appear longer. Skip skirts where hemlines fall just below the knees or just above the ankles. These would “section off” your legs and make your legs look stubby. If you are quite petite, it’s also best to avoid capris and cropped trousers. To wear a maxi dress without looking short, raise the waistline.

#5 Cropped Tops
Aside from raising your waistlines, you can also wear cropped tops to create the illusion of longer legs.



#6 Go Nude on Heels
Choose footwear in colours that match your natural skin tone so that your legs look extended.Image: stylesnooperdan/Instagram


#7 Shoes without Straps
Any embellishments or straps around your ankles segments your legs and make them look shortened. High-ankle boots would also make your legs look short. If you have to wear those high-ankle Dr Martens boots, wear a pair of tights in the same colour to lengthen the look of your legs.

#8 Wear Pointed Pumps
These also help to elongate your gams. Choose the ones that let you bare more skin so your legs look even longer. 

Image: streetstylegallery/Instagram