There are a lot of options and places to go for shopping on the weekend. But there aren’t many places with discounts almost all-year-round, except for outlet malls where you can almost surely snag a good deal.

In Singapore, there are a few good places for outlet shopping like Changi City Point in the eastern part of Singapore but, IMM at Jurong East is the largest outlet mall in Singapore with over 90 shops.

We understand that the sheer thought of covering over so many stores in a single trip can be overwhelming. So here’re our top tips to strategise to maximise your shopping time to get the best buys, while enjoying your favourite activity sustainably.


1. Know what you want

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A huge floor plan and jostling crowd makes most outlet malls not conducive for browsing. You can try, but there’s a high chance you’d end up either annoyed or going home empty-handed. Draw up a list of things you need (and want) before heading down. You can then zoom in to those items the moment you enter a store and avoid being distracted by random knick-knacks.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work

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Apart from enjoying some good company, having a buddy with you who’s well-acquainted with your likes and dislikes (and vice versa) makes it easier to spot good deals. Two pairs of eyes are always better than one.

3. Dress for the occasion

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One of the major speedbumps in outlet shopping is the queues for the dressing room. Wear form-fitting clothes like black skinnies and a white tee, or a little black dress, so that your clothes don’t get in the way when you are trying new ones. Plus neutral colours make a good canvas when trying on accessories like jewellery and bags.

4. To infinity and beyond

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Stay open-minded even when you’re extremely sure of what you want. We’re talking about expanding your scope of search to the men’s and children’s department. Small sizes for menswear and big sizes for children’s clothes tend to sell more slowly and you might just find plenty of gems that you could fit into as well. 


Photo: Instagram / @jiakumadesign

The only thing you’ll get out of holding massive paper bags on both arms while trying to move around in a crowded space are dirty looks.

Bring your own tote bag to consolidate your buys, like this one from local label Jiakuma. Not only will your shopping experience be more enjoyable (you don’t have to keep track of your bags or worry about losing one), you can also seek comfort in the knowledge that you’re helping to save the earth for every shopping bag you reject.  

Check this video out for more outlet shopping hacks. 

Happy shopping!