Photo: Showbit

It goes without saying that Chanel’s stage sets always supercede all expectations. For SS’18, Karl Lagerfeld set guests facing a 40ft faux rock face with magnificent cascading waterfalls splashing into the pool below. Of course, the ‘Chanel girl’ had to come equipped — in plastic everything.



From transparent PVC raincoats, rain boots, capes and gloves to wide-brim hats, we think it’s pretty safe to say that the models were “waterproofed” enough for the show.



The accessories from the show were a true standout. Cast in an iridescent rainbow palette with dreamy accents of aquas and soft pinks, the array of jewellery seen this season include necklaces of crystalline beads and water drop earrings. The use of the transparent bubble-like beads in the jewellery casts our minds back to Chanel’s iconic use of pearls in jewellery. But unlike pearls, these ones are slightly more contemporary, with a youthful energy.



On arms, the bags too were given a waterproof treatment. Chanel’s Gabrielle bag is in “needled” PVC and rubber, while the Boy Chanel can be seen in pastel duo-chromatic PVC (long live the mermaid trend!). Quilted shoppers in transparent PVC carry leather clutches and small rain capes serve as a “wet weather plan” for all bags.



Aside from sporty fanny packs in shiny leather, XXL shoppers, small backpacks, and sequin-embellished 11.12 bags, the star of the show has got to be the this season’s minaudières in crystal Plexiglas. Embroidered with reflecting sequins or entirely swathed in rhinestone, these party bags are more ready for the dance floor than anything else.



And then, the shoes. This season, Chanel is all about space-age thigh-high plastic boots — as with other designers such as Off-White. Chic calf-length boots and thigh highs come in full-fledged plastic suits or with black grosgrain panels. For the practical girl on-the-go, there’s a pair of sneakers too; this one’s rendered in a pristine matte white with transparent plastic panels in accordance with the theme of the collection.