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It’s that time of the year again! As much as the end-of-year festivities are all about merry-making and feasting, it’s also about making a list and racking your brains about what kinds of presents are appropriate for whom. Not to mention, the perennial struggle of trying to figure out what price point your gift should be so you won’t look like a scrooge. It gets worse when you have knockout friends who are knee-deep in the fashion industry, because let’s face it, these impeccable individuals have really high standards when it comes to gifts and have pretty much everything.

Don’t fret. Nothing’s mission impossible. Here are eight different gift ideas that you should, and should NOT, be thinking of when shopping for a Christmas #prezzie for your stylish friends. We’ve got you.


You should NOT give: Anything fashion-related

You should give: Gift cards and vouchers

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It goes without saying that when you’re shopping for your fashion fanatic friend, you avoid giving anything fashion-related. Why? They either already have it, have too much of it, or will judge it. Think out of the box with this one and give the apparel section a miss. Instead, go for something that has meaning, such as a unique piece from a non-profit organisation or a donation to a charity in their name.

For something more straightforward, a simple gift card from their favourite retailer will do. After all, who doesn’t love free money? Let them decide the damage instead.


You should NOT give: Cash

You should give: Experience

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Giving cash to your fashion friends may seem like an easy way out, since they can use it to purchase anything their hearts desire. But we beg to differ. Nothing feels more impersonal (and at times, insincere) than simply packing dollars into a sealed envelope and handing it over. Plus, the more sensitive ones might feel you’re indirectly nitpicking on how fussy they are (they prefer the term selective).

Instead, go for something they might enjoy, such as pampering packages of massages and mani-pedis or unique experiences such as artisan candle-making workshops. Even an enjoyable meal works. Better yet, include yourself and organise a fun day out with your girlfriend. Trust us, she’d be more than appreciative of your efforts.


You should NOT give: Anything fancy that isn’t aligned with their style

You should: Check their social media accounts first

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While your fashion-savvy friend can be fastidious in her choices, it doesn’t mean she would automatically adore everything-and-anything expensive. Nor does it mean she would love all luxury brands. Ultimately, it’s all about the aesthetic, and your friend has subjective tastes that are not tied to a price tag or a label.

What you should do, is research, research and more research, before you sink in major bucks on an expensive branded coin purse that she would sooner regift. Scroll through her social media accounts (Instagram’s your best bet) and do some #stalking. Observe and consider her likes and dislikes. If your friend’s feed is filled with minimalist photos for example, she might prefer modern and functional brands that are simple and monochromatic, such as COS. If all else fails, just ask them what they prefer. Your wallet will thank you for it.


You should NOT give: Insignificant presents

You should give: Functional items, like multi-use storage furniture

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The worst thing that anyone can receive is a poorly thought-out gift (we’re talking about mugs, socks and notebooks!). Rather than carelessly buying generic gifts from the bargain bin, put some thought into what would be useful to them. Your fashionable friend might, for instance, have a pile of clothes still sitting somewhere in a shopping bag. How about getting them pretty storage boxes for their clutter or Muji wooden hangers? Or art pieces and antique home ware to upgrade their living space? You get the picture.