Photo: Unsplash

Airport security is stressful enough, especially when you’re running late to catch your flight. When every second counts, you don’t want to be donning the wrong kind of footwear that will only slow you down. While you might want to opt for a celebrity-airport style, certain shoes are just wrong for the occasion.

Here’s the lowdown on the type of shoes you should, and should not, wear at the airport to avoid potential run-ins with airport security staff. Btw, choosing comfort doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice style.


DO: Low top sneakers, DON’T: Shoes with complicated laces

A wise choice to go for would be low top sneakers, as they are comfortable and practical. Besides, they are easy to slip off if airport staff require you to take your shoes off. Avoid chunky high-top sneakers or shoes with complicated shoelaces like combat boots — you don’t want your fellow travellers to shoot daggers at you as you struggle to untie them and pull them off your feet. Opt for sneakers made of breathable material, like canvas or perforated pieces, because they’ll promote air circulation and prevent the dreaded stinky feet syndrome.


DO: Ballerina flats, DON’T: Anything above 3-inches

Flat shoes are always the safest bet when it comes to long-haul flights as they provide comfort and facilitate easier movement. Avoid wearing anything that comes with towering heels — they are impractical, your feet and ankles will eventually start to hurt, and in the case of an emergency evacuation, you’d have to leave your precious stilettos behind.


DO: Flat mules, DON’T: Flats with exposed toes

Convenient and versatile, we might go so far to say that mules are the best footwear for the occasion. After all, they embody the best of both worlds: Cool style and practicality. Easily slip them on and off for a hassle-free security clearance. But make sure you opt for those that are closed-toed. In the close confines of an air plane, there’s a high possibility that someone might stumble and squash your toes.


DO: Boots with zippers, DON’T: Thigh- or knee-high boots


If you must wear boots on board because you wanted to save some space in your luggage, stick with a pair that is equipped with a low, thick heel and zippers for swift removal during security checks. Thigh- or knee-high boots are a no-no for obvious reasons — you’re going to look really silly as you struggle to pull them off. Not the cool fashionista you were going for.