Photos: Showbit/Mary Katrantzou, Fendi, Celine

Fashion season has come and gone and all four cities — London, Paris, New York and Milan — delighted us with runway shows rocking the future winter trends. As always, there are some weird and wonderful creations that are more works of art than #OOTDs (Mary Katrantzou, we’re looking at you), mixed in with wearable and practical pieces we’d all love to purchase.

Emerging themes always arise once the shows are over, giving us an idea on what trends to expect for the forthcoming season. Here we’ve picked the top five key trends that were peppered throughout the four cities and countless fashion powerhouses.


1. Strong Shoulders

Photos: Showbit/Givenchy, Giambattista Valli, Alexander McQueen

Givenchy, Giambattista Valli, Alexander McQueen and Balmain, to name but a few, all took the shoulder to the next level for their winter collection this year. Whether the shoulders are rounded, pointed, ruffled or simply over-padded, it doesn’t matter the shape as long as the shoulders are big and bold.

As Balmain played with different fabrics to draw the eyeline to the shoulders, Givenchy made the shoulder so padded and curved it becomes the strength of the silhouette. McQueen delivered severely straight and strong shoulder pads whilst Giambattista Valli used soft fabrics to craft billowy puffball shoulders.


2. Beige Bae

Photos: Showbit/Ports 1961, Fendi, Gabriela Hearst

Burberry, Fendi, Ports 1961, Gabriela Hearst and London newcomer Asai were some of the designers who delivered a severely muted colour palette of shades of beige. From butterscotch to soft vanilla tones, beige was awash on the F/W’19 runways.

That’s great news for us, because it’s either a colour you already have in your closet or one that’s always accessible in your favourite store. Try mixing and matching different shades of beige in one outfit to look polished, not to mention fashion forward.




3. Get Waisted

Photos: Showbit/Christian Dior, Lanvin, Isabel Marant

Hooray to the new age waist. For the longest time, oversized baggy pieces were sent down the runways, with fashion houses opting for clothing that steered clear of emphasising the figure. For those who don’t have the right body type to make ‘hanging’ clothes work, you’ll be glad to know that figure-hugging ensembles are back on trend.

Cutting tight to the body is key for dressing this F/W’19, with Dior leading the way with nipped in waists with the use of large waspie-eque belts, similar to Lanvin who used large bands to showcase the waist. Belt or no belt, most of the designers paid homage to the female form by cutting their dresses, tops and suits to sit snug against the waistline, so even without any additional accessories, your figure will do all the hard work for you.


4. Tartan Up

Photos: Showbit/Loewe, Chloé, Celine

Tartan, a print associated with the Scottish and fashion queen Vivienne Westwood, became the designers’ fabric of choice for the F/W’19 runways, appearing on Loewe, Lanvin, Dior, Celine and Chloé to name but a few.

As Dior took to the traditional red and black colour scheme for their tartan pieces, Loewe explored yellow and blue hues while Chloé opted for grey and brown shades. Whatever the colour choice, make sure you get your hands on some tartan print for your new winter wardrobe this 2019. To give it a rock-and-roll edge, pair with leather boots.


5. You Can Leave Your Hat On

Photos: Showbit/Saint Laurent, Alberta Ferretti, Nina Ricci

Don’t you find that hats always seem to top off, excuse the pun, a good outfit? You can go from girl next door to seriously fashionable lady just by adding the right headgear to your ensemble. Luckily for all the aspiring influencers out there, hats are back with a vengeance.

From Saint Laurent to Dior, Celine, Lanvin, Alberta Ferretti and Nina Ricci, a huge variety of hat styles were sent down the runways. Hats are practical for winter (more so in colder climates, natch) but they’re also just darn cool. Take Saint Laurent’s silky fedoras, for example, or Dior’s old school bucket hat — get yourself a piece of the action in whatever style that suits your face and you won’t regret it.


ICYMI, here’s a round up of the trends that happened at each fashion capitol: