Forget designer Crocs and even ‘high fashion’ kopitiam bum bags, the most outrageous satirical statement made by one of fashion’s most influential luxury brands has just dropped. If you’ve been active on social media the past couple of days, you’d know what we’re referring to: Balenciaga’s Supermarket Shopper.  


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The luxury brand’s newly unveiled take on classic disposable plastic carrier bag gives plastic a luxurious upgrade — well, as luxe as how plastic can actually get.



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We can’t say that we’re surprised; Balenciaga has got a pronounced reputation for an aesthetic that teeters on gimcrack-looking with its witty, ironic take on everyday objects we’re familiar with. Case in point: The questionable colorblock striped tote bag from Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2016 show, which has been linked to Thailand’s recyclable receptacles. The brand then dropped a string of expensive shopping bags over the past year to join the ranks of their preceding shopping bag.



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This included the all-black US$1,800 (S$2424.78) Balenciaga tote and a US$1,100 calfskin leather bag which, in all honesty, could have pulled off as a free shopping bag that comes with every Balenciaga purchase.

This new trio of bags are each crafted with soft lambskin leather and its own unique print. The “Sirop Green/Gold” bag features Balenciaga’s “Double B” logo atop an “EU” stamp, while the yellow, white and blue shopper is accentuated with the phrase “The Power of Dreams.” Lastly, the red and black bag includes a “Europe” font. Available for order now from the Balenciaga web store, with prices ranging from US$950 to US$1,150, these shoppers will make for a hilarious eyebrow-raising-type gift for Christmas. Or maybe not — we wouldn’t want you to lose a friend.

In light of the risible release, we’ve rounded up a couple more designer shopper bags which practically beg the question: how much are you actually willing to pay for a wet market-inspired ‘plastic’ bag?

Balenciaga Bazar Leather Shopper


Balenciaga’s Bazar tote sees a sci-fi update with this metallic foil iteration ($2,470). This market tote, which generated much publicity the year before, channels a futuristic vibe that is fitting for the current season of references to space and tech (hello, Chanel).


MM6 Maison Margiela Transparent Tote


A casual, streetwear-like take on luxury, this PVC bag ($316) with a faux pearl strap takes plastic bags to a whole new level with its in-your-face display of unabashed simplicity. We’d imagine that you’ll have to keep your schelped items neat though — you wouldn’t want your hoarder self to be put on display with those 20 over lipsticks!


Asish Checkerboard Bag


Covered in hand-stitched sequins (we let you in on how much we love ‘em here), this vibrantly hued checkerboard bag  ($730) adds a playful panache to office place looks. We deem this as the most ‘dressy’ option out of the ones we’ve previously mentioned. It’s retro and quirky enough to pull off as a sensible choice that’s also fit for the dance floor this party season.