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The smarter ones among us have been advocating shopping from the men’s section for awhile now, and for two good reasons: Menswear are known to have greater longevity – both in construction and in design – and are untouched by the “pink tax” (a mark-up applied to products targeted to women), so they are usually priced fairer. And now with the resurgence of androgynous and genderless dressing, all our favourite things from his department aren’t just practical, they also look fashion-forward.

Venturing into unknown fashion territory can be challenging, so here are seven of our picks to help you get started:


1. Sweater

Cotton-blend sweater, $1,435, Moncler

Image: Moncler


Hunting for the perfect, oversized, boyfriend sweater can be tough. To find a good one, we may have to sieve through racks and racks of too-wide or too-short sweaters, or worse, flimsy ones which fall apart after two washes. Here’s the shortcut: Get one from an actual boyfriend, or if that’s not an option, shop directly at where he would shop such as Moncler, Uniqlo, or even Zara. To complete the look, wear it over a midi skirt or wide leg pants.


2. Button-down shirt


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Cotton poplin shirt with embroidery, $1,330, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

Image: Saint Laurent


With button-down shirts being one of the few staples of men’s dressing, it makes sense that the best ones come from the menswear department. Embrace that they are oversized – wear them casually half-tucked into jeans, knotted in front and paired with shorts, or even as an outerwear, over a tank top.


H&M x Erdem organic cotton shirt, $139, H&M

Image: H&M


3. T-shirt


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Cotton jersey T-shirt, $660, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

Image: Saint Laurent


Not all t-shirts are made equal. While we get the cute ones with feisty girl power slogans, those turn out not so cute after all after they get increasingly see-through the more we wear them. For better quality ones with (bonus) cooler prints, we like to borrow them from the boys.  


4. Jacket


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Why pay lots for oversized Vetements jackets when a man’s one will do? This one from H&M (or any, really) makes a great one for draping over dresses, or wearing with a tee and jeans.


H&M x Erdem wool polyamide blazer, $299, H&M

Image: H&M


  1. Clutch

Tersio leather bag, $2,340, Berluti

Image: Berluti


We might have the fancier ones, but Berluti’s Tersio leather clutch proves that most times, men get the ones that are better designed for everyday life. It comes with three good-sized compartments to keep you organised, and a discreet outer handle for a secure grip.


  1. Watch


Everytime Swissmatic stainless steel automatic watch, $680, Tissot

Image: Tissot


Legions of women have already discovered the appeal of men’s timepieces, but we are adding it to this list just in case. Their typically understated, no-nonsense designs make good, everyday watches for those of us who prefer our timepieces simple, timeless and free of embellishments. Just like the Tissot one we’ve picked out above.


7. Something fun


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What’s the point of stealing from someone else’s wardrobe if you can’t let yourself have something fun? Anything goes in this category – silly socks, ugly sweaters, or Hawaiian shirts – although we suggest trying an on-trend patterned pyjama shirt. While the pyjamas-as-daywear trend is still going strong, pick up one like this silk shirt from H&M x Erdem, and wear it with its matching pants if you dare.


H&M x Erdem silk shirt, $179, H&M

Image: H&M


H&M x Erdem silk pants, $179, H&M

Image: H&M