#1: Pair white shirts with a statement skirt

Instead of the classic predictable a-line skirts, go for one with more flair. Think maxi skirts, embellished skirts and skirts with an interesting design. As long as you pick fabrics that are more structured, you’ll look office-appropriate.

Image: Instagram/caliopeyerato


Image: thefashioneaters.com


Image: halliedaily.com


#2: Suit Up

Skip the black suits, and wear stylish designs like these:


Image: Chroniclesofher



Image: Instagram/caliopeyerato


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#3: Go All White

Wearing white (or off-white/cream) for you top and bottom makes your #ootd appear classy. Just remember to keep your bags and shoes in light hues or a simialr colour palette as well. 


Image: somethingnavy.com


Image: lookastic.com


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#4: Accessorise!
You still need to look chic and professional so it’s best to stick to one or two bold accesories. You can wear a piece of statement jewellery (like Olivia Palermo pictured below), or simply wear heels in a striking shade.


Image: Fabfashionfix