According to a survey by Buytshirtsonline in the UK, 1,000 people were asked about the colours they associated with various personality traits.

56 per cent of the respondents finds that black inspired confidence. According to the results, wearing black also make you come across as more intelligent.  


(Black dresses from www.shopbop.com)


According to Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy, spending just two minutes in high-power poses such as hands on hips and chest lifted increases testosterone levels by almost 20 per cent and decreases cortisol levels by 25 per cent.

Amy says that these hormonal changes “can configure your brain to be either assertive, confident and comfortable, or really stress reactive and feeling shut down.”

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Slip on a deep red lippie and notice how it amplifies your inner confidence. Keep the focus on your lips, and simplify the rest of the face with neat brows and radiant skin. Avoid matte lipsticks – they make your lips look dry and dull.



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Photography Winston Chuang 
Art Direction Chelza Pok 
Hair Alicia Tey/Mosche Hair Salon, using Redken 
Makeup Larry Yeo, using NYX Cosmetics
Model Rain/Mannequin