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Every woman probably has a classic button-down shirt in their closet. This style of blouse has been a classic for many decades – it’s the era-enduring choice for a crisp ‘French girl‘ look. Being so easy to style, it’s a no-brainer choice for the office.

But did you know you can do a lot more with your shirt? Why not try out some of these novel styling methods to get more mileage out of your button-down shirts.


1. Wear it off-shoulder


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From runway to real life, we’ve been seeing more and more exposed shoulders of late. Steal the style of fashion bloggers and A-listers with this hassle-free hack. Simply button-down the top few buttons before slipping the collar down your shoulder. Don’t be afraid to let the cuffs hang past your hands – that’s super stylish now as well.

2. Remove the buttons and style it backwards

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This tip requires slightly more commitment. If you’re up for it, select a shirt you don’t mind giving up, then unpick the buttons. Sorry, but it has to be done! Fold in the front planket (we recommend sewing it down for a neater finish) before knotting the loose ends together and tadah! You’ve got a backless top at the ready for a casual weekend out.


3. Wear it with a big belt


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It’s been awhile since we’ve paid any attention to our belt game. But now, chunky statement belts are making its return to the spotlight for this season’s biggest runway shows. Sculpt your waist in bold belts while layering it over your structured shirts for a chic look.


4. Wear it oversized


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Raid your man’s closet for this. Bring out the shirts that you’ve deemed ‘too big for you’ and wear them as shirt dresses. Relaxed, off-duty styles never disappoint. This super-size style exudes ‘boy-meets-girl’ vibes that totally works as a simple transitional staple. To counteract the oversized proportions, roll-up the sleeves and partner it up with a purse that exudes femininity.