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From brightly printed Hermes silks to oversized numbers, scarfs are one of fashion’s most versatile accessory, which is probably why the perpetually chic French are rarely seen without one.

A strategically styled scarf is an easy and fuss-free way to update a look, or in some instances, become the look itself. Here are seven ways to style your scarves and give them a new lease on life.


Update your hair do

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Claw clips might be the hottest new hair accessory of the moment, but we love the simple elegance of incorporating a scarf into your hairstyle to update your ‘do. Choose a thinner and narrower scarf so that it’s easier to work with, and pick colour combinations that either complement your skin tone or hair colour. Pro tip: try this look on days you don’t have time (or don’t want to) wash your hair as freshly washed hair is smoother and thus harder to style. 


Update your pants

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The next time you’re getting dressed, swap out your belt for a scarf instead; you’ll be surprised how this simple tip will dramatically change your entire look, lending a classy, summers-in-Paris vibe. If your scarf isn’t long enough, just tie it to one of your belt loops to give your outfit a pop of colour (pick one in a contrasting print or colour for added style).


Give your bag a new look

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We love our bags, but there’s only so much our wardrobe space (and wallets) can handle. Make an old bag feel brand new by tying a scarf around it’s handles for a fun update (this works especially well with black bags). You can also swap out the straps of your cross-body bag with a longer scarf to give it a completely new look, or tie a shorter one to the zip closure as a funky keychain. 



Wear it as a top


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Wearing a scarf as a top might conjure some beachside vacation vibes, but when done correctly, can look totally killer for a city look too (see above). Just be sure that the rest of your outfit is super sharp: Think perfectly tailored pants, smart shoes, a good handbag and statement accessories.


Reimagine it as a statement necklace

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There is wrapping a scarf around your neck, and wrapping a scarf around your neck like that. Reimagine your scarf as a statement necklace by styling it with outfits with clean, tailored silhouettes like sheath dresses or pantsuits. Tip: If your neck is on the shorter side, ensure the band around your neck is tied thinner so it doesn’t overwhelm your features.


Wrap (your head around) it

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Whether you go pin-up girl chic or urban turban, we’re all for swapping out our hats for a fresh headgear update. However, do note that this can lend a more bohemian vibe to your outfit, so if your office is especially corporate, you might want to choose a scarf with simpler prints or darker colours. If you opt for the bandana look, don’t forget to tame fly-aways with a spritz of hair spray, and P.S: turbans love being accessorized with statement earrings.


Wrist it

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For scarves that have seen better days, we suggest cutting up the fabric into smaller strips so you can re-purpose them as cuffs! Get creative and thread them through bangles or loop several rings through the knot to give it some “hardware”. You can also style your new wrist piece with juxtaposing accessories like metal cuffs or beaded bracelets.