It’s one of the first rules of fashion – don’t wear too many prints at once. Well, maybe it’s time to break a few style laws this season, because clashing prints have burst onto the scene for Fall/Winter. If done cleverly, it doesn’t have to look too busy or garish, which was perfectly showcased by designers on the runway.

Prints which pack a punch.jpg

Prada managed to incorporate bold prints into their Fall/Winter grunge theme without becoming a sight for sore eyes. The fashion house sent models down the catwalk in ensembles that boasted ‘70s-style patterns on both the top and bottom half, finished off with patterned shoes to match. By keeping prints relatively similar and sticking to a retro vibe, overkill was avoided.

Another style savvy tip shown by the luxury brand was to show colours in muted tones, rather than super bright shades. Orange and purple became compatible colours thanks to the duller tones, and dashes of black and white helped break up the busy pattern.

Oscar de la Renta went for a feminine take on the trend, making clashing prints appear wearable and ladylike. The fashion house showcased tweed fabrics in slightly different shades and pattern sizes, taking a classic look from drab to fabulous. Blue was the tone of choice, which is a wearable colour and looks great on all skin tones. Models also sported fur collars and headwear to add a touch of elegance to an outfit that could otherwise look too busy.

The trend can seem scary to imitate, particularly since it goes against all the fashion advice you have ever been given. As with most things, it’s best to start small and begin with a few pick and mix accessories.

A leopard print scarf or pair of shoes goes well with a striped T-shirt or polka dot dress. As clashing prints have migrated from the catwalk to the red carpet, celebrities have shown ways to go all-over with pattern without looking like a case for the fashion police. If you’re petite, a dress that mixes various prints looks great, with similar styles already seen on the likes of Emma Watson and Solange Knowles. For a casual daytime look, patterned jeans can be worn in combination with a print top or jumper. To avoid the outfit getting too busy, team with block colour accessories. – COVER MEDIA